Monday, September 15, 2008


Let's see, David took Sam to Yankee Stadium on Saturday! They left really early in the morning, stopped in CT to pick up David's father, and got to the stadium before lunch. Sam had a blast - it was a really hot, muggy day, and the Yankees lost, but they had fun.

I had a nice time, too. I took Micah and Sofia to shul, dropped Sofia in babysitting, and left Micah to hang with the other boys in the lobby, the school wing, or the courtyard. He's such a little wheeler-dealer; I kept checking on him to find him chatting with the older (10-14 yr) boys. When I suggested he come in to catch the candy (they usually throw candy to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah kid), Micah said "Ari will get it for me" - so he's going to have his agent do his work...

Sofia fell asleep on the way home, and I passed out shortly after we got home. It was nice and relaxing; Micah actually played quietly in his room for 2 hours! When we woke up, I took them out for some errands, and then home for baths.

I put Sofia's hair in cornrows! She looks "wicked cute" - I promise I'll post pictures soon.

I'm in class now, about to start....


amy flege said...

cant wait to see the corn rows and your secret to keeping her sit that long!