Sunday, March 1, 2009

I love my Bloggy Makeover!!!

A humongous (or gi-normous, as the boys say) Thank You to Rebecca, my T21 friend, who is an absolute genius at Blog design. Somehow she managed to capture exactly what I wanted for this blog!

rebecca creates

That's about the only thing exciting that's happened all weekend. I ran my second-to-last Shabbat dinner at shul on Friday. Took home a ton of leftovers. We'll be eating turkey until Passover.

Friday at school, however, Sam came down with a fever, so he wasn't feeling great. I had to take him with me to shul, because I couldn't get a sitter for a sick kid (I tried!), and David didn't show up until after 7pm (2 hours in traffic from a client site in Everett).

The dinner ran smoothly, but I think my family is definitely outgrowing it. This particular dinner has always been more popular with the preschool crowd. The kids had fun, but would have had more fun with just guests at home.

Watched Battlestar Galactica (with Sofia still wide awake). For some reason, this week's episode won't leave my brain.

Saturday morning, I took Sam to the pediatrician (instead of all of us going to shul). Yup, strep. Sorry I dragged him to dinner, but glad he stayed away from most people.

As soon as Sam and I got home from the drugstore, David went off to work. I was home with the three kids. We had to clean the house, because I was having a party at night. Micah and Sofia were both cranky, and Sammy still felt lousy, so there was a lot of television watching (so much for my electronics-free Shabbat afternoon). I only managed a 10 minute nap before Sofia pried my eyes open (literally!).

Got Sofia to bed and the boys settled in for a movie just in time for my party - the parents from Micah's class. Actually, only half the parents, since not everyone could make it. But we had a blast. It was a fun evening, eating (dips and snacks; I made guacamole and a mozzarella & tomato salad) and drinking (mostly either wine of Jack Daniels). And lots of LAUGHING.

Today, another lazy one. I had debated taking Micah and Sofia to the pediatrician, but in the morning they seemed fine. David went back in to the office again (he's really swamped with work). I was exhausted, but again Sofia kept prying my eyes open. More television watching by all.

By mid-afternoon, however, I realized I should probably get strep tests for Micah and Sofia and for myself, too. So off we went to the CVS clinic (I left Sammy home alone watching TV; at 9.5, I think he can handle it if we are not too far and we know which neighbors are home, at least during the day).

Micah has an ear infection, and Sofia actually looked clear (well, too much wax to see in the ears, but otherwise ok). My quick-test was negative, but she'll send it in. So now Micah is also on antibiotics. Sofia and I just have to fend for ourselves.

Made dinner; David came home as we were cleaning up. The kids watched Madagascar 2, and now they are all asleep. And school is canceled again. Actually, Framingham is canceled; Ashland always waits until the last possible second, but even if the weather is just questionable, preschool gets canceled anyway. So home again tomorrow. I wish my class-work would get posted before 3pm tomorrow, but it won't!

Really not much else to report. It was a quiet week, not much out of the ordinary.

Just got the text message, Ashland is officially canceled tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest, everyone, and stay warm.


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