Monday, November 11, 2013

This and That

It's difficult to make blog posts while driving, which is when I think of them. So here's just a few little vignettes from the past few days...

David is in Israel, and sick with a Crohne's attack. I had to go to school today (it was parent/teacher conferences, and the new networking consultant and I spent most of the day ripping out the network and starting from scratch). I spoke to David while we were eating lunch, and the consultant listened to our conversation and asked "How old is he?" ... thinking I was talking to one of the kids.

David's father is also sick, in the hospital with either cellulitis, or rheumatoid arthritis, or a Crohne's attack, or maybe alien intervention... I'm not at all impressed with the doctors he is seeing.

I took the kids and A and two of Micah's soccer pals to see "Thor" this afternoon when I was done working. Cool movie, a little confusing because I never saw the first one and Thor's not my favorite Marvel hero (although I do like Loki!). Sofia enjoyed it.

This past weekend was busy. Friday night I took the kids to see "13", a play put on by the Performing Arts Center of Framingham. Three of their friends were in it. At one point, S. had a big soliloquy, and asked a rhetorical question. There was silence, and then Sofia shouted "YES!" The whole audience cracked up.

Saturday Micah had his last soccer game in the morning, and then we had a Bar Mitzvah at Chabad Lexington.  So we showed up at the field all dressed up, which was funny.

The Bar Mitzvah was lovely. EJ was just so adorable, looking like a miniature of his father (EJ's parents are good friends of ours). He did a great job. The shul is really nice; much larger than Natick Chabad. The Rabbi spoke well. And on the way home, Sam said, "You know, I think I'll start going to Chabad instead of Temple Israel..." So in the evening, I introduced him to the Rabbi and Rebbitzin from Natick.

Another funny Sofia moment happened at the end of the Bar Mitzvah evening. Sofia and another little girl had a lot of fun hanging out in the preschool classroom playing with toys most of the evening. When it was time to go home, I told her to go in and give hugs to the bar mitzvah family. Well, Sofia started giving hugs... to EVERYONE. She just went around each table and gave hugs, or grabbed people as they were standing, often with an "Excuse Me" to catch their attention. Even the black-hatted gents were very amused by her. And every once in a while, she dissed someone...

Micah had a great weekend. After the Bar Mitzvah (where EJ seemed to have his arm around Micah's shoulders all evening, very sweet), I dropped him at B's house for the soccer sleep over. Was supposed to pick up at 10 am, but he called at 9 asking if he could stay until 2. Then he wanted to stay even longer, but I was actually taking him over to a family friend's house to help with a much-anticipated oil change. So he went there, and passed out fairly early Sunday night. Today, I brought him back to B's house, and another teammate with them too. The three of them (aside from being somewhat identical) had a blast.

Sam just got home from his second Ultimate Frisbee game with Ashland High. He loves it. I took him last week, but thankfully he got a ride tonight. I had never seen him play before (he plays at camp); it looks like football for skinny people. But he's very excited by it.

It will be a big challenge next month, when he has his Frisbee matches on Monday evenings, and Micah plays indoor futsal (soccer) on Monday evenings, and I have a bat mitzvah student on Monday evenings... and Sofia has gymnastics on Monday afternoons...

Got this year's school photos back for my public school students; Micah will have his taken in a few weeks.