Monday, May 26, 2014

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Pollen Tsunami

Yes, it's finally Spring in the Northeast, which means No One Can Breathe!

Between myself, Micah and Sofia, we've gone through so much Benadryl, Zyrtec and Claritin, it's just not funny. Add to that a couple of nasty viruses that are also floating around, and my extreme talent for getting an ear infection and/or sinus infection any time I get too stuffy.... well, it's just not been fun.

But in other topics:

The final Consecration experience was lovely. Sofia did fine. She sat in my lap a bit, and in her seat most of the time. She shouted out "Shabbat" at the correct moment. And she offered her opinion when the Rabbi read the kids a story. IT was sweet.

 I also took her to the model Matzah Factory before Passover, and she had lots of fun:

 The public school 2nd graders presented their MultiCultural Night, and Sofia's class did a dance from Italy. La Principessas was front-and-center! She did great with all the dances.

Passover was fun. The first night was a bit dysfunctional, but still fun - an odd mix of people, so two very different styles. Second night was great. David finally offered to run the seder, so Laura and I could concentrate on the food! Only took 15 years!

Oh, and an hour before the first seder, I managed to completely slice my finger, through the nail. I even passed out from the pain (it hit the nerve). Wow. I guess my Passover knives are a lot sharper than my every day knives. My finger is healing, slowly. The wound is closed up, and the broken part of the nail has finally fallen off, anot not really any pain now. Just waiting for it to grow back.

Lilie stayed with us for the first week of Passover. It was a miracle: Sofia actually stayed in her own bed all night, because Lilie was with her. (Of course, Lilie came to snuggle with me around 3am each morning...)

Over April vacation, Sofia attended bike camp through the I Can Shine organization. Every morning we drove up to Arlington, and she circled the middle school gym, flanked by her volunteers. Biggest problem is that she does not want to go fast, which you need to do to balance on two wheels. But she worked hard.

Meanwhile, Micah and the 7th graders went to NYC for three days right after Passover. He had a BLAST! He's doing so well in 7th grade. He's so happy. And he's loving being in the play ("Shrek the Musical" through the Framingham Performing Arts Center). Making friends and enjoying himself.

It's Ultimate Frisbee season, so Sam's keeping busy. David was home most of April, but now is back to traveling. Just weekdays, though. He's making a real effort to be home on weekends.

I'm jamming to get the MWJDS yearbook done this week, and finish making my Dragon Wings for Shrek. (That's my contribution to the play). And keeping everyone minimally healthy. Or well-benadryled.