Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Friends

I was privileged to have dinner with 4 wonderful ladies tonight. We all used to work together at Stratus Computer many years ago, and we have stayed connected ever since. In fact, the entire IT department stayed connected - we still have yearly get-togethers - but these ladies were part of my particular TEAM, and we were all very close friends. So once in a long while, we manage to have dinner together.

It was wonderful to see everyone. Even though we don't see each other often, we are still very connected to each other, and it was great to get updates about everyone's families. Our kids range in age from Sofia to grown-ups with kids of their own, so our daily experiences are all vastly different - and yet mighty similar.

So here is The Gang:

This weekend, my family all attended RE's Bat Mitzvah. It was so lovely. She had an afternoon service, and then a very very sweet party at the shul. We had dinner first (and when it came time to do Motzi, the blessing over the bread, whose voice should come over the microphone but Micah's!), then I led Havdalah and then there was a DJ and dancing.

Apparently all my children are Party Animals:

(yes, he wore his sweatshirt most of the night)
Sam doing the "Clap under Your Knee" dance:

It was a lot of fun! And we were there until 10pm!

Sunday we all went into Brookline for Kosher deli and a lot of pre-Passover shopping at the bookstores. I finally found the right kind of stuff to use in my Shabbat "oil" candles - it's liquid paraffin! Got some books for the kids, too.

And I have a New Downstairs Bathroom!!!! Thursday the contractors arrived, and they have just some minor touches to do tomorrow. We got a new floor and new vanity (when the house was built, the large vanity that should have gone upstairs was mistakenly put downstairs, taking up most of the bathroom). It's so nice! I'll post some pictures when I get all the fine-tuning done on the decorating.

I'm out every night this week - dinner tonight, meeting another friend tomorrow night, school Wednesday, and representing MDSC (Mass Down Syndrome Congress) at a conference about Disabilities at the JCC on Thursday.

Fortunately, everyone is back in school. Sofia still wheezes, but is otherwise fine. I took her to see the Endocrinologist today regarding her Thyroid levels. We are just going to keep an eye on it for now, since the level was just barely elevated. We'll go back in early August.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


We were waiting for Sam to come out from his therapy appointment, and Micah turned to me...

"Mama, you have a car. Almost every other adult has a car.
Does G-d have a car?"

And thus ensued a long conversation...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sofia Still Sick

Ugh. She was up for several hours last night with a high fever and stuffy nose and wheezing. Motrin and nebs helped eventually, but she woke up crying and achy. So no school again today.

And the boys don't have school because of Teacher Conferences, BUT Sam had his speech eval (at Sofia's school) but the teacher was late and I'd left Micah and Sofia waiting in the car while I took Sam in and no-one at the public school knows where anyone else is supposed to be! Grrr. It was frustrating. But Sofia's speech path took Sam to her office to wait for the other Speech Path who was running late.

But then Micah and Sofia didn't want to get out of the car, so we drove around for an hour...

Sigh. I'm tired of this.

On a better note, yesterday I purchased tile and a vanity and faucet for my downstairs bathroom and ordered a whole front-door set (side-lights and all), and we signed the contract to have the front door replaced and the downstairs bathroom redone. YIPPIE! At least that's one project that I can get done. David and I have been arguing about whether we shoud and could move to a new house or build onto this one. Tempers are flying, and it doesn't help that we are both still not feeling well.

He's in California for the rest of the week now. I have to take the kids to the day school to have Micah's teacher conferences (Sam's team meeting was a few weeks ago). At least it's nice weather, so they can play outside afterwards. Then I have school tonight.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Purim Fun

Friday was a busy day, but a lot of fun. In the morning, we read Megillah at the school. Sofia was in costume - the school kids didn't change until later.

Sofia hanging out with the 3rd grade boys:


I got to join the teachers in some songs:

After Megillah and a yearbook meeting (anyone want to buy a Booster? See sidebar for details), I took Sofia and my friend's daughter E home for lunch. David stayed home all day sorting through taxe papers, and the cleaning ladies showed up while we were eating. The girls got changed into their costumes, and we went back to the school for the Purim Carnival:

Princess Sofia wants out!

Soccer-Player Sam:

Mr. Micah:

Attitude Lady:

It was fun.

Then we all went home, and the kids watched Signing Times videos as usual - and I caught Sofia signing the entire Silly Pizza Song!

Yesterday we went to Ct. Did the taxes (remind us NEVER to bring all 3 kids again), stoppded by my folks to say hi to them and some dear old friends who were visiting, then met my inlaws for dinner.

David and Sam went for a hike today, the little ones and I are hanging out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

2 Holidays!

Friday March 21, 2008 is two holidays this year:

Purim started tonight. I ran a successful dinner for 160 people (everyone was happy except the family who showed up 45 minutes late and were upset that there wasn't a lot of food left). Then we had the Megillah readings (book of Esther). David and the kids went to the big loud event in the sanctuary, but I always go upstairs to the Adult service.

Usually I read Chapter 6, but I woke up this morning with NO VOICE! None. I've been straining and squeaking all day. My throat is killing me. So in a last-minute solution, I followed along in the scroll and acted out the story, while my "voice" was provided from L.A-P. - I only wish my voice sounded that beautiful every day!


Friday there is another Megillah reading at the boys' school, and then a big Purim Party there. Should be fun. I have my kids, plus I think one extra (my friend M's daughter, who will be in kindergarten next year).

Friday is also March 21 - also known as World Down Syndrome Day! Why? Because most cases of DS are caused by Trisomy 21, which means there is an extra copy of the 21st chromosome, causing 3 pieces instead of the regular 2.


So 3/21 is World DS Day. Celebrate the people you know (or even those you don't) with that little something extra!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things I hate about being a Mommy

1. Nebulizing a toddler. I simply do not have enough arms and legs to manage it all. This morning it involved keeping my legs on top of hers (firmly), grasping both her hands in mine, holding her arms down with my other arm around her chest, holding the mask on her face (yeah, it's not enough to tie it), trying to squeeze her hed between my chest and one arm, and then turning on the machine with my toe.

2. Arguing with a 6 year old future CEO/lawyer/Crime Boss. Micah spent the entire ride to school this morning whining and screaming "mommy". It was not pleasant, but I told him I would not talk to him unless he stopped whining. That just made it worse. And yesterday, as soon as we let our friend S out of the car after Tae Kwan Do, Micah became "bored", and spent the rest of the drive screaming at me and nixing all my ideas.

3. "Forcing" my suffering 8 year old to do horrible things like read or pick up his pajamas or brush his teeth.

Things I love about being a mommy:

1. Sam, Micah and Sofia (but not necessarily in that order).

2. How "amazing" everyone apparently thinks I am. (Because they don't see me screaming back, and I have so far managed not to slap Micah - although I came awfully close this morning when we got to school and he dropped a car seat on his sister!). I'm not amazing, I'm just medicated!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Updates on us

(This is a duplicate of what I posted on, in case you read both...)

First the best news: Micah went to school today. HOORAY!!!! (Micah should probably have gone back yesterday but I didn't have the energy to take him, and he gets very very clingy and needy when his siblings ...are clingy and needy.)

I was going to send Sam in just for a few hours, but the school said it was better to just keep him home. So we picked up some of his work.

Sofia managed to make it through a Physical Therapy session, and Sam and I got to watch.

Then we spent 90 minutes at the pediatrician's office. For Sam, she put him on Azithromax, and admonished him to drink more fluids or he'll have to go for an IV because he's getting very dehydrated. And Sam is VERY resistant to eating or drinking right now, so we've been battling all morning.

Now Sofia:

1. She was wheezing pretty badly, so they did a nebulizer treatement right in the office, and we are back to every 4 hours nebs at home. The good news there is that I got them to give me a stronger nebs pump!

2. Azithromax also.

3. The results from her "routine" bloodwork are back. Again, the good news there is the IgA for Chocolate was normal, so she's not allergic to Chocolate.

4. But the Celiac test was elevated, so now I have to go back to the PediGI (who is terrific, but it was so nice to be "dismissed" from his care a few years ago).

5. and the Thyroid screens were elevated, so I'm off to find an Endocrinologist.

David is still at the airport in Minnesota, with fever and chills and aches and a stuffy nose.

I still have a stuffy nose and cough, which makes it difficult to talk - which would normally be fine but I have to chant Megillah (Book of Esther) at Thursday night's Purim services.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a little giggle

The boys are always funny, but even more so when their temperatures are elevated. We had two unusual "comments" this week:

Wednesday night, when Sam first got a fever, he came running into the bathroom at about 10pm, complaining about how he felt. "But I think a cold shower should do the trick." (David and I have been quoting that one all weekend).

The other day (now it's all a fog), Micah was mostly asleep, and I asked him how he was feeling. "The guy who wanted the meatball keeps chasing it around but he can't catch it." Um, if anyone can translate that, I'd be grateful!

Still sick, and Conference

Yes, everyone is still sick. I thought the boys were on the mend, but they are both coughing horribly, and keep getting tummy cramps. I don't think either of them have any fever today, though. Sofia started fever yesterday, and also has that horrible hacking cough and frequent cramps. And my nose is drippy. Ugh. So I think no school for anyone tomorrow.

On a good note, I did get out of the house yesterday, to attend the Mass Down Syndrome Congress's first Parent Leadership conference. Apparently I am officially a Support Group Coordinator (due to my organization of all the new babies from our EI group). The first part of the program was for Support Group Leaders from all over the state. It was great to hear about what everyone is doing, and we brainstormed ways the organization could help us be more coordinated. Then the First Call volunteers joined us. MDSC has the best model in the nation for First-Call (people who contact new families). So that was fun, to talk about what works and doesn't work when we discuss our kids.

Lunch was the best. While we ate, first the president of MDSC spoke a little, and then the keynote speaker was Dr. Jose FLorez, who runs the DS clinic at MGH. His clinic is for adults - his partner does ages 12 - 22, and he does 18 and older. It was a tremendously terrific presentation, and probably the first time in 3.5 years that I really understood what the heck Sofia's heart defects really look like!

The only problem with the conference was that it was too short. We all agreed that we want to meet twice a year.

So at least I got out a bit. Today I just took the kids to the playground for a while to air them out. David is on his way to Minnesota for a few days.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Sick Day

After betting his dad $100 bucks that he wouldn't pee in his bed last night, of course Micah peed in his bed (David had the chutzpah to say "Micah, you owe me $100 bucks" to a mostly sleeping child!).

Sam woke up at 3:30 am screaming that he needed help (the bathroom is connected to our bedroom...). I got the gingerale while David sat in the bathroom with him, but David had just about no recollection of the events that followed, so I don't actually know what was wrong.

This morning, both had fever again, as I'd expected. Micah still woke up early, and settled on the couch downstairs (I think he has not moved since!). Sam slept a bit later, and has been in my bed most of the day.

So far Sofia is still not coming down with "it". She had a good day at school. David came home to watch the boys for about an hour until E could arrive and take over. I ran some errands with my friend R. When I got home, I took Sofia for a ride around the block for about 10 minutes so she could fall asleep (yup, she was asleep within 5 minutes!).

Good news - Sam does not have Lyme disease. But apparently the nurse felt that Sofia's thyroid levels were slightly elevated, and we are waiting for the doc to call me about that! Great.

I get to attend the MDSC Leadership conference tomorrow. That should be cool. And I also get to attend the Early Intervention conference in May again. Even though Sofia has already graduated from EI, I can still attend this year as the former Parent Liaison.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday I got a call that Micah had suddenly developed a fever. Rush to pick him up from school, find a ride home for Sam. At 5am, Sam comes into our room with a fever too.

Sam had his "Wax Museum" presentation this morning (each kid did an in-depth biography of a famous person - Sam was Louis Braille - and they did a marvelous job of "being" those people). I had found a babysitter for Micah (and Sofia), and Sam has been working so hard on this project, so I took him in just for that. Then I brought him home, picked up Sofia for PT, raced to the grocery and drug stores while she was there, and then home. Now I'm home with all 3 kids. I left the boys home (with my neighbor on-call) for a few minutes while I drove around so Sofia could go to sleep.

I'm hemming 20 t-shirts for a project at the school (the older two classes are making "tzitzit", ritual fringes, next week).

Philosophical conversation of the week: If I could get a magic cure for just one of the "special needs" in my home, hands-down I would select to "cure" Micah of the food allergies. Sam will figure out how to work with the dyslexia, Sofia is doing just great with her extra chromosome, and neither of those are going to kill them. Food allergies are a major stress!

Nothing much else to report. Best wishes to everyone who is under the weather - and I sure hope David and I (and Sofia) manage to aviod catching whatever the boys have!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Touching Meeting

After we picked up the boys from school, I took all three kids to Target. Sam needed a new lunchbox (which eventually accumulated into about $50 worth of "stuff", like socks and things.).

When we were done paying, Micah begged for something to eat, so we got popcorn and a pretzel at the cafe. Sofia loves "pop-pop", as does Micah.

As we were getting ready to leave, the next shift for the cafe workers was just coming on, and one of the ladies came over to us. She started talking sweetly to Sofia, and I could tell this wasn't the usual infatuation with my little flirt.

"I used to have a daughter like her, but she died," she said.

That was so sad, but since I have unfortunately heard of or known too many kids with T21 who died young, I wasn't all that surprised. I asked if she'd had a heart condition.

"No. She and two of my other children were killed in an accident."

OY! How incredibly horrible and sad! The lady and I spoke for quite a while longer, and we tried to coax Sofia to give her a hug (eventually she did). Her children had died 16 years ago, and when she saw Sofia, she was filled with longing for her "special" daughter.

I promised her we would come by more often. She works after 4pm during the week. I promise here on my blog that I will make every effort to take Sofia in to see her periodically.

When you hear a story like that, it forces you to realize just how precious each child really is.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Philosophy and Religion

So I don't know why I thought of this one today, but I'm curious to discover the answer...

We are told to "be fruitful and multiply". Simply stated, "have kids, at least one for each of you".

In Jewish tradition, especially since the Holocaust, it's also "suggested" that you have "at least one of each" - i.e. at least one boy and one girl, to repopulate the world.

Well - what if you have that one boy and one girl, but you know that for medical reasons, one of them will not be able to have children? Are you obligated to have another?

This isn't worded very well, and there are all sorts of loopholes. A very Orthodox person would say you should have many many children, so the numbers eventually won't matter - it says "multiply". I suspect (but I need to investigate) that the Conservative movement doesn't feel quite as strongly about it, but does that mean the whole question would get pooh-poohed away?

Of course I ask this, because I somehow realized today that my daughter will most likely never have children of her own, at least not physically her own. Trisomy 21 means she has an extra chromosome, so it is garunteed that any child she gave birth to would also have T21. And all the issues that go with it.

I have to go do some research, both on the religious part and on the practical application - is it possible for a woman with DS to raise a child successfully, without an enormous amount of hands-on support? [Which I am sure Sofia will have, but all the same, is it possible?]

I'll keep you posted...


I did some preliminary research.

No man may abstain from keeping the law "be fruitful and multiply" unless he already has children; according to the School of Shammai, two sons; according to the School of Hillel, a son and a daughter since it is written (Bereishit Ch.5 v.2) "male and female He created them." Mishnah Yebamot 6:6

The first thing G-d tells the humans to do is "be fruitful and multiply". As you can see from the above paragraph, the rabbis of old decided that this only applies to the man (more on that in a minute) but that it does specifically mean one son and one daughter (we follow the School of Hillel, but in the Mishna, the opposing view from the School of Shammai is always listed as part of the discussion).

Another quote:
idea was put forward by a number of thinkers over the years, to the effect that one of the best responses that Jews can have to the Holocaust is to have many children, thus denying Hitler and Nazism a demographic victory over the Jews.

Ok, so that says basically have more than just one and one. Keep going, repopulate.

Sigh. I can't find it yet. I just joined a Jewish Special Needs forum... I'll do some more investigating there...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just an update

Let's see... when last I wrote, I thought Sam was losing his mind. Ok, so yesterday (after driving the boys to school, stopping for coffee, driving Sofia to school, going to my skin check-up, and picking up Sofia), we had Sam's Team meeting at the school in preparation for next week's IEP.

It was a good meeting. I'd invited his therapist to join us, and both she and I were very relieved to hear that the school is NOT seeing that same kind of sadness that we see. They see a very happy, bubbly, thoughtful, enthusiastic little boy.

We are still going to request a psych eval from the town, along with a speech eval (specifically for his expressive language - he seems to "stutter" his thoughts [not individual words] and has trouble getting his thoughts out). We will also request that the town do a reading assessment, to make sure that they are as satisfied with his reading progress as we are. He's made SUCH terrific progress with his reading.

During the meeting, Sofia had free run of the room (a large, mostly empty classroom that the school psychologist uses as an office and meeting space). The principal (who has a grown son with DS) was enthralled with Sofia. Sofia has been excessively active this week, and during our meeting, she was non-stop movement. After she finished eating her pasta and edamame, she picked up the container and fork and dropped them both into the sink (one of those little elementary school classroom sinks, just the right height for her). The she took a wet-sipe form me, and proceeded to clean the entire room - blackboard, floor, radiator, table. She was so industrious. Then she grabbed her doll and her milk, and settled into the large yellow beanbag chair, trying all sorts of positions to get comfortable, including spread out on her belly.

She's been napping well in the car (I got a nice nap yesterday in the car also). And sleeping well at night. Tonight, she climbed right into bed and demanded that I rub her back.

Today was a little more relaxed. We had coffee with J (yes, we are regulars at Starbucks!), then a zany grocery shopping. I get one of the carts with the kid-car in the front, but I put Sofia in the main cart and the food in the car. Otherwise, she escapes, and those things are tough to turn! We are regulars there, too, so a lot of the staff know her (that store also has a lot of staff with DS, which has given me real talking points with the others!).

She had a great time at PT, but did give me a lovely hug and kiss before they walked away. When we got home, I passed out for about an hour while she trashed my room and watched her videos.

Then we got into the car, and she was asleep in 5 minutes. But she woke up about 30 minutes before the boys were done with school, and we all had a nice time on the playground both before and after they got out.

Then I took them off to the hospital so Sam and Sofia could get their bloodtests. Sam's biopsy results came in, and indeed it was a tick. So we had to run Lyme titers. And I've been holding onto Sofia's regular blood-work sheet for months, because I'm a complete chicken.

They both did fairly well. We got out at 5pm, and stopped at Target for a few minutes before dinner. And then I got the call from the contractor - I completely forgot I was supposed to meet him at the house tonight! Ugh.

I apologized, but I still feel bad.

But we met R and her girls at Bugaboo Creek, and we all had a nice time at dinner. Micah left his Pokemon tokens on the table, but I called as soon as we realized it, and they are now safely put away in the manager's safe until I pick them up tomorrow!

I'm trying to clena my house in preparation for my cleaning ladies tomorrow. Gotta fill out camp applications already.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I guess "fine" is a relative word...

So yes, Sam does not have a cyst (we think). Yes, the whatever it was has been removed. However, now we have to wait (just another day or two) for the bioposy to tell us what it really was.

In the meantime, the pediatrician wants to run Lyme titres on him - Lyme disease is fairly prevalent in this area, although not usually in winter. Sigh.

And I had a chat with his therapist, who said she was concerned with how sad he sometimes gets. On top of that, today the Tae Kwan Do place made a change to their schedule (no we have to pick a specific day and time, instead of being flexible), and Sammy just completely lost it in the car.

Poor boy. I think he might be losing his marbles. That's not good, especially at 8 years old. Tomorrow is his Team meeting at the school, and I invited the therapist to join us. Hopefully we can come up with a decent plan.

I also had two zany maniacs - Micah and Sofia. This morning, both of them were screaming at me. I'm still not sure why. Let's just say I was ready for "tuck and roll, boys" when I dropped the boys at school. GET OUT of my car! And Miss Sofia was a little maniac this morning. First she had PT (she was NOT glad to see me at the end), and then we had her 3 year check up. She was wild, bouncing around and yelling at me.

She's gained 3 pounds since September, putting her at the 75% on the DS chart (27 lbs - OY!) and gained 2", up to 34", putting her at 80%! I've never had such a "big" kid! Pediatrician was very impressed with her overall development. And fiesty-ness!

Not to be outdone, Micah has been pretending to be "Smokey the Dog" alot recently. When he's not yelling at me or kicking and punching his brother, that is. Sigh.

I got to go to dinner with my friend M tonight, which was really nice.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sam is fine

Sam had his "surgery" today, just a little out-patient procedure with a local anesthetic, to remove that thing on his head. He was in and out in about 20 minutes. The doc walked him out, and Sam had a huge grin on his face. Pediatric Surgeon has a VERY good manner with kids! Doc said he suspects that the thing was actually a tick! Ew. So we are waiting for the results. But in the meantime, it's gone. Sam got a few disolving stitches, and can't wash his hair until Thursday because of the surgical tape covering the stitches.


Gotta highlight Beverly Beckham's wonderful article in the Globe yesterday.

Go Bev!

David is on his way to California, for a madcap week of audits, organized by his Japanese clients - meaning they are going to 4 cities in California, AND Denver, AND Arizona, all in 4 days. Should be VERY VERY interesting. David looked at the schedule they sent, and there is just no way this is going to go as planned. Hmmmmm.

Ok, it was a busy weekend, and somewhat emotionally jarring. Let's see, in order:

Friday night dinner was really lovely. There were a lot of people at services because of the Bat Mitzvah the next morning (I hope they were all able to get back to shul in the morning; we had a lot of snow!). I got to shul with the kids before the custodian arrived, so we were wandering around trying to find a way in. A car full of guests for the BM showed up, and while they were asking me questions, my skirt FELL OFF. Yup. Completely dropped to the ground. Good thing my slip was in decent shape, huh?

Anyway, we had about 55 people at dinner, and it was so fun. After my two meetings last week talking about how nobody comes to these any more, we realized we have 2 distinct groups - my "gang" of 5 or 6 families, with kids all the same age as my boys, who have all been together all their lives; and a new group with babies and little ones. I hadn't realized that we were acutally getting some regulars in that group, but it was clear this time. NICE!

So it was a very lovely evening, and not too late - we were home before 9pm. Funniest thing is that Sofia, having not napped all day, fell asleep before we got to shul, and stayed asleep in her carriage in the kitchen the entire time!

So I was up early on Saturday with Sofia (since she'd slept from 5pm). It snowed, so we took it easy in the morning. Then David plowed the driveway and we headed to CT. We were having a birthday party for his paternal grandmother's 97th birthday. Grandma Toby has a lot of help - a lovely woman named Shirley, and this guy, John, who had come as a nurse when Grandpa Paul was sick (before Sam was born), and stayed on after he died to help Toby. Shirley's husband joined us, too.

We stopped to pick up David's other grandma, Ruth, and baby Lilie. Laura works on Saturdays, and Grandma Ruth watches the baby. (Other days, Lilie is in daycare).

Well, when my inlaws walked in, my FIL had a fit because of the baby. You see, he will not speak to his daughter anymore, and he will not acknowledge the baby at all. It was awful. And poor confused Grandma Toby kept asking whose baby it was (Laura has brought her to visit a few times, so she knows Laura has a baby). Any time we tried to answer grandma, O just got angry and started yelling.

I feel awful for Lilie, when she's old enough to realize that her grandfather despises her just for existing. That's horrendous.

Well, the only thing I can do is love her, and Laura. And let them know it.

So dinner (at a restaurant we always go to) was a long, busy, stressful event. But at least the food was good, and Toby was very delighted by her birthday party. We dropped Ruuth and Lilie back home, made a quick stop to see Laura at work, and then came home by 10pm.

Sunday, Sam had to be back at shul for choir rehearsal, and then we all went for a quick bite to eat and then to REI for some climbing. A wasn't going to open the wall until 2pm, but Sam begged him to open early. We met our friends there, so D and I took the two little girls shopping while the dads and the big kids stayed.

I had to get Sam a nice change of clothing, and we went back to shul for the Cantor's Installation. It was a lovely event. I knew most of the guests, from my Zamir days, so it was nice to see and hear them sing. Sam had to sit with the choir up front, Micah sat with "Big Micah" (10 years old), and was reportedly a very well behaved young man, and Sofia was fairly well behaved on my lap. After the program, there was a dessert buffet.

Our friend P came for dinner at night. We put the kids to bed early, and had a nice relaxing grown-up dinner (of leftovers from Friday!).

Today was just busy. I drove Micah to school, then Sam and I stopped for some coffee before heading to the hospital. At coffee, we ran into my friend L and her daughter (who is a year ahead of Sam; she was in the choir, too), so we sat together for a while. David took Sofia to school. After the hospital, I dropped Sam back to school, came home for 20 minutes, then picked up Sofia, went to H's house to work on the yearbook. Then home again to pick up David. Sofia fell asleep in the car. The school had called several times because Sam's head hurt (and Micah's eyes were itchy), so we picked the boys up early and then drove David to the Logan Express bus.

When we got home, I just let them all watch TV and relax. Now they are asleep, and I am going back to finishing cleaning out my iCal!