Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Updates on us

(This is a duplicate of what I posted on trisomy21online.com, in case you read both...)

First the best news: Micah went to school today. HOORAY!!!! (Micah should probably have gone back yesterday but I didn't have the energy to take him, and he gets very very clingy and needy when his siblings ...are clingy and needy.)

I was going to send Sam in just for a few hours, but the school said it was better to just keep him home. So we picked up some of his work.

Sofia managed to make it through a Physical Therapy session, and Sam and I got to watch.

Then we spent 90 minutes at the pediatrician's office. For Sam, she put him on Azithromax, and admonished him to drink more fluids or he'll have to go for an IV because he's getting very dehydrated. And Sam is VERY resistant to eating or drinking right now, so we've been battling all morning.

Now Sofia:

1. She was wheezing pretty badly, so they did a nebulizer treatement right in the office, and we are back to every 4 hours nebs at home. The good news there is that I got them to give me a stronger nebs pump!

2. Azithromax also.

3. The results from her "routine" bloodwork are back. Again, the good news there is the IgA for Chocolate was normal, so she's not allergic to Chocolate.

4. But the Celiac test was elevated, so now I have to go back to the PediGI (who is terrific, but it was so nice to be "dismissed" from his care a few years ago).

5. and the Thyroid screens were elevated, so I'm off to find an Endocrinologist.

David is still at the airport in Minnesota, with fever and chills and aches and a stuffy nose.

I still have a stuffy nose and cough, which makes it difficult to talk - which would normally be fine but I have to chant Megillah (Book of Esther) at Thursday night's Purim services.