Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just an update

Let's see... when last I wrote, I thought Sam was losing his mind. Ok, so yesterday (after driving the boys to school, stopping for coffee, driving Sofia to school, going to my skin check-up, and picking up Sofia), we had Sam's Team meeting at the school in preparation for next week's IEP.

It was a good meeting. I'd invited his therapist to join us, and both she and I were very relieved to hear that the school is NOT seeing that same kind of sadness that we see. They see a very happy, bubbly, thoughtful, enthusiastic little boy.

We are still going to request a psych eval from the town, along with a speech eval (specifically for his expressive language - he seems to "stutter" his thoughts [not individual words] and has trouble getting his thoughts out). We will also request that the town do a reading assessment, to make sure that they are as satisfied with his reading progress as we are. He's made SUCH terrific progress with his reading.

During the meeting, Sofia had free run of the room (a large, mostly empty classroom that the school psychologist uses as an office and meeting space). The principal (who has a grown son with DS) was enthralled with Sofia. Sofia has been excessively active this week, and during our meeting, she was non-stop movement. After she finished eating her pasta and edamame, she picked up the container and fork and dropped them both into the sink (one of those little elementary school classroom sinks, just the right height for her). The she took a wet-sipe form me, and proceeded to clean the entire room - blackboard, floor, radiator, table. She was so industrious. Then she grabbed her doll and her milk, and settled into the large yellow beanbag chair, trying all sorts of positions to get comfortable, including spread out on her belly.

She's been napping well in the car (I got a nice nap yesterday in the car also). And sleeping well at night. Tonight, she climbed right into bed and demanded that I rub her back.

Today was a little more relaxed. We had coffee with J (yes, we are regulars at Starbucks!), then a zany grocery shopping. I get one of the carts with the kid-car in the front, but I put Sofia in the main cart and the food in the car. Otherwise, she escapes, and those things are tough to turn! We are regulars there, too, so a lot of the staff know her (that store also has a lot of staff with DS, which has given me real talking points with the others!).

She had a great time at PT, but did give me a lovely hug and kiss before they walked away. When we got home, I passed out for about an hour while she trashed my room and watched her videos.

Then we got into the car, and she was asleep in 5 minutes. But she woke up about 30 minutes before the boys were done with school, and we all had a nice time on the playground both before and after they got out.

Then I took them off to the hospital so Sam and Sofia could get their bloodtests. Sam's biopsy results came in, and indeed it was a tick. So we had to run Lyme titers. And I've been holding onto Sofia's regular blood-work sheet for months, because I'm a complete chicken.

They both did fairly well. We got out at 5pm, and stopped at Target for a few minutes before dinner. And then I got the call from the contractor - I completely forgot I was supposed to meet him at the house tonight! Ugh.

I apologized, but I still feel bad.

But we met R and her girls at Bugaboo Creek, and we all had a nice time at dinner. Micah left his Pokemon tokens on the table, but I called as soon as we realized it, and they are now safely put away in the manager's safe until I pick them up tomorrow!

I'm trying to clena my house in preparation for my cleaning ladies tomorrow. Gotta fill out camp applications already.