Monday, March 10, 2008

A Touching Meeting

After we picked up the boys from school, I took all three kids to Target. Sam needed a new lunchbox (which eventually accumulated into about $50 worth of "stuff", like socks and things.).

When we were done paying, Micah begged for something to eat, so we got popcorn and a pretzel at the cafe. Sofia loves "pop-pop", as does Micah.

As we were getting ready to leave, the next shift for the cafe workers was just coming on, and one of the ladies came over to us. She started talking sweetly to Sofia, and I could tell this wasn't the usual infatuation with my little flirt.

"I used to have a daughter like her, but she died," she said.

That was so sad, but since I have unfortunately heard of or known too many kids with T21 who died young, I wasn't all that surprised. I asked if she'd had a heart condition.

"No. She and two of my other children were killed in an accident."

OY! How incredibly horrible and sad! The lady and I spoke for quite a while longer, and we tried to coax Sofia to give her a hug (eventually she did). Her children had died 16 years ago, and when she saw Sofia, she was filled with longing for her "special" daughter.

I promised her we would come by more often. She works after 4pm during the week. I promise here on my blog that I will make every effort to take Sofia in to see her periodically.

When you hear a story like that, it forces you to realize just how precious each child really is.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

how incredibly sad :(. I hope you do get to see her more... I'm sure she will love spending time with your princess!