Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I guess "fine" is a relative word...

So yes, Sam does not have a cyst (we think). Yes, the whatever it was has been removed. However, now we have to wait (just another day or two) for the bioposy to tell us what it really was.

In the meantime, the pediatrician wants to run Lyme titres on him - Lyme disease is fairly prevalent in this area, although not usually in winter. Sigh.

And I had a chat with his therapist, who said she was concerned with how sad he sometimes gets. On top of that, today the Tae Kwan Do place made a change to their schedule (no we have to pick a specific day and time, instead of being flexible), and Sammy just completely lost it in the car.

Poor boy. I think he might be losing his marbles. That's not good, especially at 8 years old. Tomorrow is his Team meeting at the school, and I invited the therapist to join us. Hopefully we can come up with a decent plan.

I also had two zany maniacs - Micah and Sofia. This morning, both of them were screaming at me. I'm still not sure why. Let's just say I was ready for "tuck and roll, boys" when I dropped the boys at school. GET OUT of my car! And Miss Sofia was a little maniac this morning. First she had PT (she was NOT glad to see me at the end), and then we had her 3 year check up. She was wild, bouncing around and yelling at me.

She's gained 3 pounds since September, putting her at the 75% on the DS chart (27 lbs - OY!) and gained 2", up to 34", putting her at 80%! I've never had such a "big" kid! Pediatrician was very impressed with her overall development. And fiesty-ness!

Not to be outdone, Micah has been pretending to be "Smokey the Dog" alot recently. When he's not yelling at me or kicking and punching his brother, that is. Sigh.

I got to go to dinner with my friend M tonight, which was really nice.