Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things I hate about being a Mommy

1. Nebulizing a toddler. I simply do not have enough arms and legs to manage it all. This morning it involved keeping my legs on top of hers (firmly), grasping both her hands in mine, holding her arms down with my other arm around her chest, holding the mask on her face (yeah, it's not enough to tie it), trying to squeeze her hed between my chest and one arm, and then turning on the machine with my toe.

2. Arguing with a 6 year old future CEO/lawyer/Crime Boss. Micah spent the entire ride to school this morning whining and screaming "mommy". It was not pleasant, but I told him I would not talk to him unless he stopped whining. That just made it worse. And yesterday, as soon as we let our friend S out of the car after Tae Kwan Do, Micah became "bored", and spent the rest of the drive screaming at me and nixing all my ideas.

3. "Forcing" my suffering 8 year old to do horrible things like read or pick up his pajamas or brush his teeth.

Things I love about being a mommy:

1. Sam, Micah and Sofia (but not necessarily in that order).

2. How "amazing" everyone apparently thinks I am. (Because they don't see me screaming back, and I have so far managed not to slap Micah - although I came awfully close this morning when we got to school and he dropped a car seat on his sister!). I'm not amazing, I'm just medicated!