Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday I got a call that Micah had suddenly developed a fever. Rush to pick him up from school, find a ride home for Sam. At 5am, Sam comes into our room with a fever too.

Sam had his "Wax Museum" presentation this morning (each kid did an in-depth biography of a famous person - Sam was Louis Braille - and they did a marvelous job of "being" those people). I had found a babysitter for Micah (and Sofia), and Sam has been working so hard on this project, so I took him in just for that. Then I brought him home, picked up Sofia for PT, raced to the grocery and drug stores while she was there, and then home. Now I'm home with all 3 kids. I left the boys home (with my neighbor on-call) for a few minutes while I drove around so Sofia could go to sleep.

I'm hemming 20 t-shirts for a project at the school (the older two classes are making "tzitzit", ritual fringes, next week).

Philosophical conversation of the week: If I could get a magic cure for just one of the "special needs" in my home, hands-down I would select to "cure" Micah of the food allergies. Sam will figure out how to work with the dyslexia, Sofia is doing just great with her extra chromosome, and neither of those are going to kill them. Food allergies are a major stress!

Nothing much else to report. Best wishes to everyone who is under the weather - and I sure hope David and I (and Sofia) manage to aviod catching whatever the boys have!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. When you said "wax museum" presentation, I thought you were being funny referring to a runny nose since the kids are all sick. LOL. Silly me!

Pam said...

You know, I would have to say that food allergies would be our cure too.

Dakota's Autisim is a challenge, espically now that he is entering puberty, but he amazes me every day.

Rhett's problems are always there, but that extra chromosome makes him who he is.

Chloee is the princess and has been such a joy. I love having just one girl.

But Hunter's food allergies are really scary. He is allergic to milk eggs and peanuts. We carry around the Epi Pen where ever we go.

He is old enough now that he reads ingredients and knows what he can and cant have, but you never know if sometimes that peanut stuff is in the air. That's all it takes for him. He now can give himself the Epi shot, but still, it's scary.

I guess I am saying that I really know how you feel on that one.

I hope your boys get better soon, and that you and David and Sofia steer clear of it!!

Loves to you guys!!

Pam and Rhett