Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday, Sam

Yes, Sam's birthday is 3 days after Daddy's.

Yesterday we had his party. We had a bunch of boys over to Papa Gino's for Pizza and homemade cupcakes, and then they all came back to the house for a back-yard splash party - water funs, sprinkler, etc. It seemed like most of them had a lot of fun.

Poor Sam, though. He had high hopes of getting an acoustic-electric guitar for his birthday. Just one problem: any time I ask him to practice guitar, after about 2 minutes he starts to cry! So we didn't think that it was worth spending $100+ on a guitar if he wasn't going ot practice. So now he's crying "this is the worst birthday ever!"

Of course, it's also a holiday (Shavuot) so the kids and I were at shul all morning, and we go back again tomorrow. At least they had a lot of friends there, and there was lunch.

None of them are sleeping now, and I'm trying to ignore them. Micah is in a nasty mood, Sam is whining, and Sofia is trying to get my attention. This morning, Sofia pooped - but FIRST she took off her diaper! Poop all over my bedroom carpet. At least David was still home to help me clean it. He's flying now (I don't remember where he's going).

I'm tired and grumpy. But I had fun making the video. I know it's long, but I really love seeing pictures of Sam!