Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I didn't know about my kids

I did not know that Sam and Micah both know all the words to the opening credits of "Phineas and Ferb" - but they do.

I did not know that Sofia knew how to pull up her pants, put on socks and shoes, and put on her coat by herself - but she does.

I did not know that Micah wants to play the accordion one day - but he does.

I did not know that Sam is reaching the "I want to hide from strangers" stage - but he is.

I DID know that Micah loves to be the center of attention, that Sam loves to draw, and that Sofia is becoming VERY independent (and bossy)!

It was an interesting week. Micah was sent home from school again on Thursday. They said he had a fever, and when I picked him up (before 1:00), his cheeks were bright red and he was very sloggy. But he came home and rested (with the Nintendo) all afternoon. Sam got a ride from a friend (and an impromptu playdate, too), so we didn't have to leave again. Micah did not have any sign of fever by the tiem we got home. Around dinner time, he started feeling warm, but still no fever registering on the home thermometers. He had a bad headache when he went to sleep, but otherwise nothing. I kept him home again on Friday (second week in a row), but he was FINE all day.

I spoke to the pediatrician's office - the nurse is becoming convinced that this too is psychosomatic. Poor kid is sooooo anxious about life. I had a good conversation with his new therapist on Thursday morning (before he got "sick" again). Micah is really trying hard to be "not-Sam", to do everything right, and to keep his life in order. Sam is so unpredictable, it's making Micah nuts. And school is probably where he is relaxed enough to let his guard down and let his body not feel well.

So I'm walking that fine line now between nurturing my poor boy and not playing in to his "sick" feelings. This is scary. I do not want to ignore a real illness, but I don't want him missing so much school just because he wants some alone time with me.

We had company Friday night, the boys' best friends (brothers) and their folks, who are our friends. I made spaghetti, and sauce, and mozzarella and tomato salad, and veggies, and challah. L made her challah too (which I love), and we all had a great evening.

Saturday we took the kids to the M.F.A. (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston. There was a photography exhibit that David really wanted to see. It was a nice day. Sofia loves to run through big spaces. Sam loves to sit and draw. Micah had some alone-time with David, searching for Ancient Egyptian animals.

Got home and E arrived to babysit, so David and I went out for yummy sushi. Then we went to the mall, and I got a dress that I think I'm going to wear to the Winter Lights Gala and to Sol's wedding. I have to try it with "foundation" garments...

Then we went to the bookstore (our usual date-night activity!), and ran into three of my girlfriends who were on Girl's Night Out! Their husbands were at one of their homes playing poker. David and I were invited to poker/girl's night activities but opted to stay together...but David ended up hanging with the girls while I curled up in a corner with some books! It was pretty funny to listed to him laughing with them. He had a blast (and I loved listening).

Today I took the boys to an event at their school. It was for preschoolers (i.e. potential future students), and the admissions director wanted some older kids to show off the school. Micah did a great job, helping the storyteller hold up pictures, and quizzing the accordion player, and giving a school tour!

We were there about 2 hours. David brought Sofia over after her class was done (and I got to speak to the director in charge of her class, and tell her my concerns about how much better that class would have been with a more enthusiastic teacher).

Then we took David for a bit of clothing shopping (his store was having a sale). He's at work now, and the kids are all watching TV and relaxing.