Monday, February 9, 2009

Smile and Wave, Boys

(Sorry, we're back to watching "Madagascar", and I just LOVE the Penguins!)

Busy but fun weekend. Friday I had a lot of stuff to do at the day school. In the morning, I had to download photos to CD for the Yearbook, bounce in and out of a recruitment meeting, and then go join Micah's class for their morning tefillah (prayers).

Run out to get Sofia, have lunch at D's house, then back to the school to continue burning CDs and watch the weekly Shabbat program - which I then got roped into participating in (I had to sing a song for the whole school!).

E picked up Sam to work at the library in the afternoon, and as soon as they got home, I threw the kids in the car and raced to S's house for Shabbat dinner. David met us there, and he and Micah stayed a lot later than me and Sam and Sofia (who were all tired).

Shul in the morning, but they have now canceled babysitting, so I did not get to participate much. But it was my friend's daughter's Bat Mitzvah, and there were a lot of old friends to see at lunch.

Then we raced home and hosted two 3rd year medical students as part of Operation Housecall. They asked a lot of good questions, and as usual it was very interesting. But Micah was a bit off-the-wall, really begging for attention. David put him in time-out several times, which is at the bottom of the staircase, and apparently he wrote some mean things about Daddy on the wall! Oy.

After the med students left, we raced out again to hang with our friends in Wellesley. The boys and Sofia all had fun playing in the basement with their two boys, and the grownups had a nice talk. Since the mom and I are both unable to sit still properly, after Havdalah we pulled out the silver polish and polished all her silver items, like the spice box, candle sticks, and a variety of kiddush cups. It was a lot of fun (really, it was!).

Got home late, kids all mostly asleep. Woke up with Sofia the next morning, hung out in the house with the kids while David went to the office for a few hours. Then the boys had a birthday party in Shrewsbury. We dropped them off, did a quick errand, then went back to the party (since there were lots of other parents there). Then came home for a few hours. David finally helped me hang up the bedroom curtains on two out of three windows. Almost done!

Then back out to shul for a Tu B'Shevat seder, the birthday for the trees. It was nice, except Sofia was tired and whiny and rambunctious, and Micah was hanging with some of his less-than-well-behaved friends and really getting David angry, AND Micah had some sort of allergic reaction and I had to give him Benadryl. Oy.

By the end of the evening, David was in a foul mood, so we all went to sleep early, which did help.

Not too much planned for this week. Normal everyday insanity.


amy flege said...

hey! how are you? sounds like you still are leading the busy life!!! I am trying to get back into blogging again.. ( damn facebook)