Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rug Burn on the Nose

Look what Sofia managed to do yesterday. Yup, that's a Rug Burn on her NOSE.

How did she do that? Well, we were at her gymnastics place (which miraculously has re-opened after a sudden closing this summer). She wanted very much to crawl UNDER the trampoline. Her teacher and I had other ideas. She got upset, and put her head on the floor. And then she SLID her face across the entire room.

Since it didn't seem to be bothering her at the time, I didn't stop her. But when she picked up her face, her nose was bleeding! YIKES!

Ok. Weird enough. But I heard from another DS mommy today that her daughter had also given herself a nose/rug burn. That freaked me out. I mean, as odd as it may be, is that "typical" behavior for our chromosomally enhanced lovies?

In other mommy musings....

Micah has developed a new habit. He leaves the house without shoes. And doesn't notice until we are some (far) distance away. The first time it was a major inconvenience was when we went on vacation, driving from MA to NC. He had to wear Sam's crocs all week, which 1) were too big, 2) meant Sam had no crocs, and 3) Micah broke anyway.

So Tuesday, we had about 45 minutes at home before heading back to Tae Kwan Do. Then back off to Sudbury for their class (Sofia fell asleep, so the ladies spent the whole time in the parking lot). Micah didn't notice he had no shoes until we pulled into the parking lot! So dinner was take-out instead of restaurant.

I was worried this morning that I had completely ruined his life by not going back to the house for a tennis ball, but apparently he got over it.

Our NEW SUKKAH arrived today, and the kids and I were able to put it up with only a couple of tantrums - Micah was just a tiny bit too short to reach the top while standing on the slide (as Sam was able to do), but he wanted to do the top loops. Sofia wanted to stand on the ladder. It's tough to be a Rothkopf...

So we got the walls up. Early, but we couldn't resist. I had first built our old sukkah when Sam was an infant, and it's been progressively rotting each year. Plus, the old one is very heavy and large, and I couldn't get it out of the garage myself. This is nice and light and easy and secure and portable(ish). David and the boys can do the roof on Sunday, and then we can decorate.

But I'll have to decorate on Sunday, too, since I'm having Carpal Tunnel surgery on Monday! Yup, been putting it off for several year. Now's the time. Was supposed to do the right hand, but I got an allergic rash from raspberry picking several weeks ago, and it keeps coming back, smack in the middle of my wrist. So we'll do the left hand first. Which is sort of a relief. How was I planning to get everything done in the next two weeks without the use of my right hand?!

Still no babysitter, but following up on a few leads. Managing. Sofia now loves after-care, following her initial pout-her-way-into-a-nap. Today, I came in and found that she had been VERY busy in the pretend kitchen, setting out an elaborate meal for a trio of baby dolls.

Last night, since she'd taken a nap, she was up for a long time, so she helped me cook. Vehemently. She didn't want me to stop. She kept pretending to do more! My little domestic goddess.

Had a flooring guy come in to look at the upstairs hallway, Sofia's room and the staircase today. Glad I did; he spotted a problem the Home Depot flunkie never mentioned. Our floors are not actually flat under the carpet (which explains a lot!). That would be a problem with the laminate I was looking at. So he'll put together a few different options. Whew. I guess the stairs are going to have to be rug, since you can't do laminate on stairs (and I don't want real hardwood - too stressful with the ungentle people who live here!).

Oh, and Sofia has a new way to grocery-shop this week. She sits on the handle of the shopping cart, with her feet where her tushy should be, and grips my neck like a python. It's a little difficult to reach the milk (or to breathe), but it's nice to get such lovin'.


Tracy said...

If I am the Ds mommy you refer to, it was Allison, my oldest, that did the rug burn to her nose and not Rachel. Still to this day, I cannot figure out what she claims to have been doing when it happened. Sounds like you have your hand full with a very stubborn little girl!! Rachel will protest when she wants to do something different than I want her to do, but she can be pretty easily convinced to change course.

FBF Rothkopf said...

Whew, Tracy, I am relieved to hear itwas Allison, not Rachel! I must have misread your FB post. Yes, Miss Sofiais VERY stubborn!