Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November So Far

Sorry for the lengthy absence. It's been a little insane.

The month started well - first a Gala meeting and then a much needed massage. The boys had no school on Nov. 2, so we had Micah's 9 year checkup and ran some errands while Sofia was in school. On Nov. 3, Sofia and I went to Children's to see the Behavioral Psychologist. Good appointment. This was the first time someone explained sticker charts for potty training in a way that didn't seem completely impossible to do. And in the middle of the appointment, Sofia asked to go to the potty!

We had the Selections Fundraiser on Thursday - a local boutique gives 20% of all proceeds for the day to the school. I got some lovely items - a sweater, a shirt, socks, and a few gifties.

That weekend, we had two extra kids all weekend. Sam's friend S and his sister J (who is Micah's friend) stayed with us while theri parents went to NJ for a wedding. Great kids. Sam and S and I all read Torah at the children's service in the morning, and they hung out all afternoon.

And Sunday the 7th was Micah's birthday party! We managed to narrow it down to about 10 kids (9 boys and the above-mentioned sister J, who is very much a tom-boy and fit right in), and I found a very inexpensive magician, Crazy Davy. Who also brought a 7 foot tall balloon art:


The Magician did a good job of keeping the kids busy for an hour:

Sofia was especially thrilled, and wanted to be his assistant:

After the show, Micah had put together some sort of Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt, and as I watched all these clueless little boys run around the house, I had only one thought: "THESE are the future captains of industry???"

Cake was yummy - Micah requested chocolate cake with fluff in the middle and strawberries and whip cream on top. Punch was good, including the eyeballs floating in it (love shopping the week after Halloween!). Kids left in a timely fashion. WHEW.

And then I was in full-out Gala Prep mode all last week. Crazy. So much to do. And on Thursday, the kids had no school. Dropped Micah in Wellesley for a playdate, took Sam and Sofia to the day school for Conferences (Sam had to be at his, Sofia stayed in babysitting), then hung out with friends all afternoon - I worked on my laptop and also taught my friend how to do her presentation in PowerPoint.

And Sofia stayed in dry underpants for 7 and a half hours!!!!

Yup. Even without the sticker chart (which I figured I'd start after the gala), we can do it - as long as she's not watching TV! Being out and about is good, since I'm more aware of the timing. At home, I get distracted. But she can do it!

Ok, took a break there for another day...

So anyway, Sofia is wearing underwear a lot, and it's still going well. As long as she's not watching TV, of course.

Friday the carpets got pulled out, which means my house was a mess all weekend (and still is).

Anyway, after a full week of gala prep, I took it really easy on Saturday, and even stayed in bed until after 1pm. NICE.

Sunday was the gala. I left home at 11am, stopped to pick up some things, and was at Gann (the Jewish high school, where the event was being held) by noon. Until 10pm.

Lots of work, lots to set up. Lots to manage. Stressful.

But fun. And the guests all loved it.

Silent Auction only took in 8K, but Live auction took in 20K, so overall, the auction paid for the whole event, and anything taken in for tickets and program book was fundraiser, going toward tuition assistance. Whew.

So this week I'm my own way... Wednesday, the FLOORS arrived! Sofia's room and the upstairs hallway now have laminate instead of dirty rugs. The stairs were supposed to get new rugs today, but they are coming tomorrow morning instead.

Today was Sofia's Thankful Feast at school. Very very cute. Nice to see Sofia really participate with the songs. It was very cute.