Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Active Sense of Injustice

I got to hear Leonard Fein speak last night, at an event for donors to the day school. Really cool. His grandson is in Micah's class. The quote in my title was part of his speech.

Let's see...

Micah did an AWESOME job reading Torah on Saturday! The kid really blows me away, he is so calm about everything.

After services, he went home with friends. The three 9 year old boys were trying to convince the host mom and I that they should be able to walk home alone - "Together we are like a 27 year old!".

Saturday night Sam had a party, and I picked Micah up from the house nearby, so got to visit with those parents, too.

Sunday I took Sofia to a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. A special ring of Hell. And I had a migraine!

We went into Needham for kosher Chinese food (yum!), but next time either we don't take the kids, or we don't take David, or we do take-out. David does not have a lot of patience for the kids in a restaurant. Not that they are badly behaved - they are actually very well behaved - but they order more than they can actually eat, and he gets frustrated with waste. Not that anything went to waste, since the leftovers were delicious!

Monday morning I hung out with Sofia waiting for the Sears repair guy to see the microwave. Now we wait until next week when he brings a new control panel to install.

While we were home, Sofia watched "Mamma Mia" for the millionth time. I discovered that not only can she sing "Dancing Queen" ("see dat girl"), but she knows all the choreography for "Super Trooper". Very cute.

Yesterday I had a few meetings at school, and spent about an hour browsing Target. Needed a new toaster, and house supplies. Night was out with David at the donor event.

At pick-up for Sofia, I had a good chat with the Sped Cordinator about our request for more Speech. She understood, and will discuss with the Speech Path.

At the donor event I got to talk to the director of marketing for Gateways, about our mutual excitement with getting MWJDS ready for Sofia!

Tonight, Girl's Night Out. YEAH!