Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

Life has been somewhat 'normal' for the Rothkopf clan this past week.

Last week I spent a lot of time sewing Sam's tallis for school.

Micah had his class Wax Museum on Thursday. He was JFK. He came downstairs in his suit the night before...with no shirt. "You need a shirt." So he went upstairs, and came back...with a t-shirt. "You need a collar shirt, and a tie." He started to protest, and we added, "And you can't wear your winter hat!". Screaming ensued.

But eventually he did get dressed mostly properly (did not tuck in the shirt), and did a great job.


Friday night was low-key, just us, but nice.

We slept in on Saturday instead of going to shul. David and the boys went into the office to throw trash in the compactor (something the boys love to do, go figure!), while Sofia and I relaxed at home.

In the afternoon, we all went in to Boston! Walked through the Haymarket, around Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, and had dinner in the North End. Yum.

Sunday we got together with our friends the Burgs. K used to be a hairdresser, and did a lovely job of cuts for Sofia, Sam, and David. (Micah, of course, refused!). Then we took all the kids to the park for a while, then crowded the 10 of us into a booth at TGIFridays. I got stuck sitting at the kid-end of the table. Sofia wasn't feeling great, so she was on my lap, I was next to their Sam and across from my Sam, and their younger daughter was sitting next to me. At one point, she turned to me and asked, "Francine, what is French Kissing?" Nothing like kids!

I've been kind of lazy this week. Not feeling great - I think I've got Sofia's tummy ache now - and tired. Yesterday, Sam's class wore their new tallitot (prayer shawls) for the first time at All School Tefillah. It was lovely. After that, I went with my friend D down to the Butcherie in Sharon, where I spent A LOT of money on meat for Passover! We also took a stroll through Ikea.

Lazing again today. Watching Shrek with my princess - I'll go to the gym after I drop her at preschool.

An old friend sent me this picture the other day, from June 2001: