Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ramblings and Musings

Yes, Facebook has really taken over on the small thought postings. It's so much easier - I can punch out a short note on my phone whenever a thought "needs" to be shared. But I do still love my blog. I'm just sorry I don't get to it more frequently these days. I often have thoughts to share; unfortunately, they usually come to me as I am driving the mini van around Metrowest. And I'm not a "tape recorder" kind of writer - I need the physical contact with they keyboard, and I need the visual input of the letters.

So here we are. It was a busy but ok week. David was in Copenhagen (he's on the plane home now). Kids had school (well, Sofia had no school Friday, but I took her to MWJDS for the afternoon). And it's college vacation week, so I had access to babysitters!

Monday after school we took Sofia to Children's Hospital Waltham for her endocrinology checkup. As soon as she saw the building, she insisted "No Sofia. Boy sick. Micah sick. No Sofia." So the boys had to be weighed and measured before she would allow herself to be weighed and measured. There was NO chance of getting the blood pressure cuff to stay on long enough. And the blood draw was typical for Sofia: took three adults to hold her (she sits on my lap in the "blood" chair with the bar across us and my legs across her knees while I hold her non-draw arm. Another tech holds the "victim" arm - I had to push back on her shoulder to keep her from moving. Then the third person does the needle stick.) After the blood draw, she sat on the floor screeching at us in anger, and then there was the typical 24 hour period of keeping her "victim" arm pinned tightly behind her back.

But otherwise, endocrin was good. She's doing great, and even though the numbers are slightly elevated, they are still not high enough to need treatment. She did not stop talking when we went in to see the doctor, who is a kindly young father himself. She was full of stories about "Chipmunk Princess Towel Dance" - I have no idea what she's talking about!

Anyway, I left the kids home with a sitter at night and I had to go lead a shiva minyan for my friend whose brother died. Very sad. And to add a note of ridiculousness, I had to hold a flashlight during the whole service, because their living room is very dark and I could not see the pages of the prayer book!

Wednesday, I had to take Sam to his snowboard lesson, so I had a sitter for the other two, a dear family friend who is like an older brother to my guys. Thursday, I actually went out for fun with a friend!

OH! I promised I'd do this: last Friday, we had our house vents cleaned. GREAT experience. I'd gotten a Groupon for a household vent cleaning. Of course, the groupon was only for a part of the system, and of course they recommended way more work than just what I'd already paid a very small amount for.

But they were terrific. East Coast Vent. I HIGHLY recommend them. It was two brothers, one very chatty and sweet. First, they reviewed the system, then came back to me with the recommendations and pricing. I called in to check with David, who of course threw a hissy fit over the phone. They guys first suggested they come back another time so we could discuss. Then they reviewed the recommendations, and we found some ways to save money, with one recommendation for a Do It Yourself item instead. That brought the price way down, and then the office allowed them one final discount.

And then they did a complete and thorough job of cleaning all the dust and dirt and grime and socks and rodents from our ventilation system! I can feel the difference. House is warmer, not having to fight through the dust. And less sneezing already!

Whew - forgot to do that last week...

Sofia is now choking me, trying to pull me away to help her clean her toys so she can watch a movie. She's very strong. And she is saying so much these days! Last night, she insisted "Fire. Stick. Eat. Now. Ten Minutes. Come on. Please Mommy. Eat. Outside. Fire.Stick." The wind, the temperature, and my general unwillingness to let her cook her food over a bonfire nixed the idea.

Heading down to CT tonight to take Sam to a camp friend's bat mitzvah. David coming home tonight, but we won't get to see him until tomorrow.