Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

Nothing really new, honestly. My birthday continued to be wonderful, with a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurant down in Providence, Potenza. Always delicious.

Sofia came down with another case of conjunctivitis, which meant I could not take her to public school on Wednesday. Which meant she joined us at the day school for All School Tefillah, which I was running (and were I was so proud of my fourth grader students, reading Torah for the first time!).

Which of course meant that, as soon as I turned my back, Sofia was right up there, standing with her buddy SB while he led the service:

Comcast got the Internet fixed. Whew. Boys stopped bugging me (yeah, all three of them!).

Dear friends came over for Shabbos dinner, always wonderful to see them. Relaxing weekend, including taking Sofia to "movie night" at her classmate's house (from the day school), and David taking care of the kids while I learned how to make beaded yarmulkes.

Which I am now addicted to making. Beaded yarmulkes.

I made the red and black one first, and had intended to keep it, but my mother had other plans. Last weekend, I took the kids down to CT, since Mr. Samuel was invited to two b'nai mitzvah. The first was at my parents' shul, so we all went to services - and mom insisted on wearing the red and black kippah. Which she now owns. I have to say, it looked nice on her!


Last week, we also had Sofia's IEP meeting. Actually, it was just Part 1 - we only had 1.5 hours, and the speech teacher was sick. So we are reconvening March 1 to finish up.

Nothing major. We started with a discussion (including the school nurse) about the potty situation. They still take her to the nurses' office for potty. She has had less accidents since I spoke to the nurses and told them how she was playing them. It still all boils down to behavior. So they will continue to take her to the nurses' office, but work very specifically on behavior. She's not big on cooperation.

(Sorry this is so disjointed. It's been a busy few weeks, even though nothing much really happened.)

Let's see...

Sam had fun at the two parties. I picked him up at 5 in Hartford from the very ritzy party, and drove down to Norwalk for the other party (which was more low key). I went out to the most delicious Indian restaurant with my friend N and her daughter while Sam and N's son went to the party. The boys looked so handsome!

Came back to MA on Sunday afternoon, after being fed and spoiled by my parents all weekend. Stopped at Rein's Deli, too.

Let the kids stay up to watch the SuperBowl. David left for Copenhagen on the 4th - looking forward to him coming home this weekend. Boys were very excited that the Giants won - I have Contrary Children. I'm sure if we lived in NY, they would root for the Patriots.

The past two Tuesdays, I have had the pleasure of teaching a whole 45 minute class with the 5th graders. We are talking about The Amidah, the central set of blessings in each prayer service. It's been so much fun! They are very deep thinkers, and I really enjoy working with them.

Sam's been sick all week. He did go to school Monday, because we all thought it was just exhaustion from the b'nai mitzvah and the Superbowl. However, by Monday night, the floor was carpeted with kleenex, and it was clear he wasn't going anywhere. I did take him to the pediatrician Wednesday, but basically it's viral. He's been home three days. Hopefully he's going back tomorrow.

But now Sofia's sick. Tummy bug. It's gonna be a long night!