Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday August 20

Yup, Sky Tower. Pretty cool. Then a quick stop at the grocery store for “nappies” (pull ups) for Sofia, and then take-out for lunch. Micah actually had a Subway tuna sandwich, while Sam and I had sushi and Sofia had rice & tofu. Ate back in the room while watching tv.

Then back out. First stop, a park nearby, where there was a nice playground, and then also a replica of Michaelangelo’s “Moses” statue. Then back to the shopping area. I had planned to follow a walking tour, but I was accompanied by tired, self-centered, intolerant, spoiled brats who only wanted what they wanted: Micah was searching for “A New York Brownie” which he had seen on a menu at a restaurant; Sofia wanted Ice Cream; and Sam was searching for a sweat shirt and a black jade necklace.

We found a brownie, which he did not totally like (I thought it was yummy). Sam found his sweatshirt, for a good price (saw it several other places for more). But the black jade is very expensive, and ultimately I said it was not an option. So Sam was disappointed.

We stopped in a lot of shops. Micah also got a “Magic” card (the game Magic, which he plays with his cousin Alex). He had wanted one particular card which cost $5, but we ended up getting 4 cards for the same price that the guy said would be better. But MIcah was disappointed.

Two disappointed children makes for a lot of whining, and eventually Mama snapped. Then we spent a while shopping for ME (I bought a sweater, pale pink). Then got Sofia her ice cream. She was fairly happy otherwise (she drank my ice tea), sitting in her chair, no shoes (they’re in the bag), cross-legged, playing with her baby doll.

I had “chocolate and blue cheese” ice cream. Odd but tasty. Now we are back in the hotel, 4:45 pm, resting and waiting for David to come home from work.