Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sleep Study Tonight!

What a way to start the New Year! We took Sofia to the Sleep doctors at Children's Hospital in Boston last week (along with both boys and two extra kids, 'cause where's the fun just taking one?). Docs could find no record of the study done in Waltham two years ago, so they want another study. "Urgent".

Except that the nurse at our Pediatrician's office was too busy to do the Referral last week. So they scheduled us for this week.

Except that now the Referral nurse is on vacation!

Yesterday was a round of phone calls between me, the Peds' office (mind you, I love our office; we've been there since Sam was born, I even invited the nurse and the office admin to Sam's bar mitzvah. It's just a very small office, so when the nurse is out, no one else can do referrals), Children's (being big-city accounting sticklers) and Blue Cross. Eventually we managed to get Children's to say we could come tonight, as long as I signed a waiver saying we might be totally liable for the whole cost (which of course is top level, since it's Boston) if BCBS doesn't back-date. Which BCBS always back-dates, since doctors' offices never get referrals in on time.

So last night I let Sofia know we were going. She wasn't too pleased. "No Stickers!" (what we call all the little electrodes they will have to attach to her head, chest, arms and legs).   She finally relented and said "One Finger" (meaning they could put a pulse ox monitor on her finger); and then she offered up "Four Fingers." I told her that was very kind of her to suggest, but we'd probably still have to do stickers.

So this should be a fun evening...

Plus, I got an email this morning from the SpEd teacher:

Just an FYI... Sofia made a detour into the girls room this AM on her way to class.  When I found her there she was completely undressed and talking about her green shorts.  I assumed she had an accident but soon realized her clothes were dry she just wanted to change her outfit!  She was happy to put her clothes back on with her green shorts underneath her pants.  At least now you won't be surprised when you find her in layers that she didn't have on when she left home this morning.

What can I say? The girl has a strong fashion sense...

So David will stay home with the boys (that was part of my over-acting on the phone; once David starts traveling again in a few weeks, I won't have coverage for my other children until March!), and I'll take La Principessa to Children's after swim class tonight.