Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just So Busy

Ok, first the update on the Math saga.

Right after I posted on the blog, I went to the high school to have a meeting with the Learning Center teacher and the Guidance Counselor. The LC teacher is terrific, and has totally fallen for Sam's great work habits and sweet demeanor. She wishes she could bottle him and apply his style to all the other LC students.

Anyway, since the math teacher totally ignored Sam's testing accommodations, we went through the list and the LC teacher had a nice long to do list for take-away.

On the next test, Sam got a 90.

And then three days later, I got a letter from the Team Liaison, requesting they re-evaluate Sam to see if he really needs special education services!

I'm thinking the 43 and the 90 is pretty clear empirical evidence. So, no, no testing at this time.

He's doing great in everything now. He has a 98 average in History (which my mother think means that the class is too easy for him). He is very proud of how hard he is working. And he is enjoying school.

Micah, however, is having trouble, especially with the new Hebrew teacher. They are just not connecting well, and Micah...can be... difficult... I'm dealing with the lead teacher and the director of education now, to try to make things work. Micah's standard fallback is "I have a bad memory." Well, either he does or he doesn't. The Director of Education happens to also be a Neuropsychologist. So we will figure it out.

Sofia is doing great. We watched Iron Man 3 last week, and my blood-thirsty little princess is now also a Monster. She wears black pants and a black shirt (with a pink cupcake on it). As long as she stops saying "I hold guns; people all bloody" everything is fine.

I think we are nearing an agreement on my work hours. Looks like I will be working 20 hours a week! Some of that is flexible hours, which covers the tremendous amount of time I spend nights and weekends doing work for school. It's exciting, though. I really like the new Director of Institutional Advancement (aka my new boss for 90% of the job). We work well together.

My b'nai mitzvah tutoring has started for the year, too. I have one student Monday evening and one Thursday evening. Plus I'm reading Torah for an upcoming bar mitzvah, same parasha as Micah's bar mitzvah will be next year. Oh, and at some point we have to get Micah started, too.

David has been away for the past 3 weeks. He went to Costa Rica, then Berlin Germany, then Poland, and now he is in Auckland NZ. Coming home Sunday, but then leaving Tuesday for a few days. Just crazy schedule.

Our after-school schedule is nuts, too, but my new Mother's Helper is suppose to start on Thursday. I already have most things worked out, but it will be great to have help.

Mondays: I work 1:00 -  4:00. Sofia comes into the office to play on the computer when school gets out at 3:15. Micah goes to his friend's house. At 4, I take Sofia to gymnastics, then have a little time to run an errand, then pick up Micah, then pick up Sofia, drop Micah at soccer, and come home. He gets a ride home from soccer, so I can teacher at 7 at the house.

Tuesday is our free day so far, although starting next week for 4 weeks, Micah will have baseball games. I work 8-1.

Wednesday, I work 8-1 again. Just enough time to go to the gym before I pick up Sofia and then go back and pick up Micah. Sofia has 4:30 swimming and Micah has 4:30 gymnastics, fortunately both in the same building. Sofia and I only have to wait about 15 minutes for Micah once we are done changing from swimming. Race to soccer (he's 20 minutes late), then bring her home, then back to soccer field to pick him up.

Thursdays, back to MWJDS 1-3:50. Take Micah over to baseball training; the mother's helper will pick him up. Quick errand or ice cream with Sofia, and then more swimming. We can then go right home (rather than having to go back to get Micah, which we were doing). Quick eat and another student at the house. Sam will be home to cook!

Fridays, Sofia has ballet at 4:10. Which usually will be fine. This week, however, I have to take Sam into Newton to get him to the Prozdor bus so he can go for the 9th grade Shabbaton at Yavneh.

Whew. Oh, and seemingly endless soccer games on Sunday, although I know it's only another 6-8 weeks. And monthly DS reading school for Sofia.

My brain is starting to jangle around in my skull...