Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mid-January MIgraine Week

Day three of a cluster migraine. I hate the barometer in January. Today I had to have help running Mazal Tots, the preschool program at school, because I couldn't see well enough to read them a book. Ugh.

So I came home early (had to anyway, because I had to pick up Sam early, since he could leave school after his midterm) and relaxed...until Sofia's school called to say she'd thrown up all over the hallway.

So now we're home. She wasn't feeling well at first, but seems much better now.

Poor Micah has to skip Debate club today so he can get a ride home.

It's been a fairly quiet week otherwise. David is in the Netherlands. I'm leaving Friday morning for a conference in LA, so my parents are coming up on Thursday afternoon, and will stay until Saturday. Then David gets to handle his kids for a few days!

Here's a quick video of Sofia reading one of her Lakeshore Readers:

And I'm typing this on my New Computer! I finally upgraded and got my totally awesome, 15" MacBook Pro. LOVE IT!