Monday, February 24, 2014

February Vacation - Guadaloupe!

I am relaxed.


Like the "can we just cement this feeling into my body" type of relaxed I have not felt in a long time.

A week doing nothing more than following Sofia from pool to shore to restaurant, occasionally talking to the boys and David, and reading and sleeping, is apparently really good for me.

We left on Friday afternoon, right after school, for Logan Airport. Flight to Miami.

I hate Miami Airport. It's huge, it's badly marked, people are not nice, and it's overcrowded. And poorly planned. And slow.

But eventually we made it to the hotel for the first night, and then back to the same airport in the morning for our flight to Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean.

Sofia spent most of the flights watching movies on my Color Nook (the one that was Grandma's), because her movie player died after about 20 minutes. Time to get a new one. Bummer. But at least I'd thought ahead and put some of her movies on the Nook, along with my own stuff.

She also went to the restroom about 6 times, vaulting off each and every row of seats on the way down and back each time.

Otherwise, the flights were fine. Micah sat next to Sofia on the first flight, which was helpful. Sam sat there the second flight, which was not helpful.

Arrived in Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport, and found the Club Med staff. And we were off for a week at Club Med La Caravalle.

It was a lovely week. We had two connecting rooms, so the three kids each had their own bed (pull-out for Micah), and in theory David and I had our own room (although Sofia shared our bathroom, and came in for cuddles each morning).

We didn't do much beyond swim and eat. I tried putting Sofia into the Mini Club one morning so I could go windsurfing (which I did, and loved), but she was not at all happy in the club, so that was the end of that. I had to take her to activities instead. 

She tried the Trapeze (Club Med has a Circus School) - the first time, they carried her up the ladder and got her onto the bar and swinging before she even realized it, but the second time, she got a death-grip on the safety rope, and they ended up carrying her back down the ladder instead.

Micah got to do the trapeze once, and enjoyed it.

Sam did archery every afternoon, and had a lot of fun. He also tried windsurfing with me, and liked it.

David relaxed, too.

It was also Sofia's birthday on Tuesday, and they brought her a cake at dinner.

So here are some random photos covering the week:

Sofia taking a selfie


Sofia stops to take some photos of a tree-top while David watches
 Me and my love

More sunset

Swimming with my little fishie

Sam and one of the friends he made dug a huge hole on the beach
 Birthday Princess (I made the crown using the wrapping paper from the book I'd brought along for her)

Sofia getting carried up the ladder for the trapeze
 but not cooperating...

 Micah did it, though.

 Sam the archer

 Friday night award ceremony, Sofia latched on to the GO in the suit. She followed him around like he was her prom date.

 Me and my girl

 My loves

 Snacking in the lounge - she loved the tuna

 The photographers were excellent, and WICKED EXPENSIVE! I was only able to buy 7 photos (for 112Euros, which is a small fortune). Still regret not taking a few more, but gee-whiz, they were a fortune.

 The boys went on a Kayak ride through the mangroves.

 Contemplating the sailboards

 Hanging out in the room...