Saturday, October 4, 2014

October already!

Really, I have not posted since July?!!!

Ok, quick summer update:
- Sofia had a blast during her 5 weeks at Camp Arrowhead, the special needs daycamp in Natick. Every camper gets a one-on-one volunteer. Each week there was a different theme party day. Third week was "Prom". Sofia went gaga over the handsome director in his tux. After that, her volunteers were always male ;)

- Micah had The Best Month Of His Life at Camp Ramah. He was so sad to come home! Especially since Sam stayed for the full summer. Next year they will both be there full summer (and I'll just bring the hair clippers with me on Visiting Day, instead of waiting forever at the only hair place in Palmer that is open on Sundays). But we kept him busy: the week after camp, David took him to NYC for a few days. The following week he spent most of the time doing homework (a research project he needed to do in order to

officially skip a grade). Then we had a week's visit from his friend E from Florida (E's mom is one of my oldest friends; we met at our very first USY event). Then we spent a week on the Cape, and took along another best buddy (also named E).

- Sam came home for a grand total of three days. He spent nearly all of that time in his room, cramming two summer reading books, which he could only access through his assistive technology program. Then David took the two boys to a Yankees game in NY with Grandpa Orson, and then Sam went back to camp for another Shabbat, this time for USY Encampment.

And then we were back to school! 10th grade, 8th grade, and 3rd grade!