Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miscellaneous Rambling

So many little details. It was a busy but fun weekend. Friday, Laura dropped off Lilie - I got to keep her overnight! Laura and Travis (the boy, Lilie's father) went to Boston overnight to see Cheech and Chong. While Laura was getting Lilie settled, Travis had to play a game of pool with the boys, and when I lit Shabbos candles, I made him put on a kippa - pretty funny culture shock.

Anyway, they left, and Sofia woke up from her nap to find her beloved little cousin.... touching HER stuff! NOT happy! Miss Sofia became quite territorial that evening. I think she only knocked Lilie over about 4 times; poor kid kept conking her head. Any time I had Lilie in my lap, Sofia would wrestle her way on, too.

Fortunately D&E were over for dinner, so Lilie took well to D when I was too busy to save her. Lilie fell asleep in Sofia's crib, since Sofia had napped a long time. Eventually I moved Lilie to the pack-n-play in the boys' room and put Sofia to sleep in her own room.

Around 11:00, Lilie woke up SCREAMING, and continued for 45 minutes. I helf her, rocked, her, cuddled her. I think she was teething (Laura said she got a new tooth in on Sunday). Then she passed out on my arm, and didn't move until 7am!

David went to NYC with his friend for the weekend, so we said goodbye to him and I bundled all 4 kids in to the car to go to shul. As we were leaving, Laura called to say they had just had a fight and were coming home. Sigh. So they met us at shul. Lilie and Sofia were both playing nicely in babysitting (the sitters had grabbed Lilie right out of my arms!), so I was actually in services by myself (the boys were in the youth service).

My kids and I stayed for lunch, then came home, stopping briefly at the library on the way. I was exhausted, so I attempted to nap, but Sofia really really wanted my attention, and kept pulling at my hair. The boys played for a little while but then camped out in my room complaining that they were bored.

Eventually it was time to do Havdalah, and then we went to the tepanyaki restaurant, Samba, to meet my friend L and her boys (and her husband). The boys then came back to my house for a sleepover. It was great; the boys all watched a movie downstairs, Sofia had already fallen asleep, and I got to watch a movie upstairs (DaVinci Code, finally). They all went to sleep around 9:30, the two older ones downstairs on the pullout couch and the younger ones upstairs in the boys' bedroom. They all had a great time.

In the morning, I found Micah and his friend snuggled on the pullout couch, both playing on Nintendos (they had brought one with them).The older boys were watching a movie again. I made challah french toast (yum), and then K came to get the boys.

Then it was time to take Sam to a K'vutza (youth group) event. There was some confusion, and first I drove to Natick, but the place had moved, so then back to Framingham, where it didn't open until noon and I realized everyone else was meeting at the shul. Sigh. But eventually they all came over.

I took Micah and Sofia for a bit of shopping. Micah's favorite "zippy" pants had rips all the way up the legs; time to retire them. He is VERY difficult to shop for/with, because he is quite picky about clothing, but eventually he got two nice pairs of pants and a pair of sweats at Kohls, along with cool Mario Brothers pajamas.

I got a call from one of the moms at the youth event, asking if she could take Sam back to her house for a playdate with her son, since both boys were getting along really well. Sure. So I took the little ones home, put Sofia in front of "Madagascar" again, let Micah playon the Nintendo, and I finally began writing my paper for school!

Got a decent draft done and sent it off to my professor to see if it was anything viable (last night in class he said it looked fine). Whew. Now I have to finish it.

Let's see, in other thoughts...

So last night at Hebrew College, I noticed that nearly every student is female. I know that's not totally true, but the evening students are overwhelmingly female. It makes for a very interesting dynamic. I feel safe and supported there.

Oh, Micah'ism of the week, involving a bit of a story. I am taking Sammy to go visit my grandmother in January, and yesterday I finally made the reservations (we leave Jan 1. in the evening, and come home on the 6th). In the car on the way home from picking up the boys, I told them about it. Micah asked if I was going to take him anywhere.

I said I was thinking of taking him down to Florida in March. He said "No, I don't want to go to Florida, I want to go somewhere else." So I asked him where...

"I was thinking Ohio."

Not quite sure WHAT he wanted to do in Ohio. Now he's branched off into far-away places (Israel and Australia top his list). So I'm trying to come up with some ideas. I don't mind NOT taking him to Grandma's (although I would really love to take him there), but I do want to take him somewhere for a few days, just to have some 1:1 time with him. Suggestions? I'm considering Chicago or NYC or DC, but somewhere smaller might be better.


Mara said...

you could always come visit Texas : )

Anonymous said...

What about Philadelphia? Very walkable, very kid-friendly & very historical. We were there with the kids over Labor Day weekend & they had a great time.