Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Out of Bed, Finally

Whew, what a weekend! My fever continued, and after David got the driveway cleared on Sunday (we had lots of snow), I made it over to the new MinitClinic at CVS. Turns out I did indeed have an ear infection, so she put me on Zithromax.

But fever continued, up and down, all weekend. I could not get out of bed! At least it was a snowy weekend and no one was going anywhere. David had to deal with the kids - that was interesting to listen to. At one point he was yelling at Sofia because she kept saying "poop" but refusing to go on the potty. I had to remind him that she's 3.

Monday wasn't any better. At least Sofia's school was canceled, so she stayed hoe with me and watched plenty of (educational!) TV while I slept. David took the boys to school, and I got one of the moms to drive them home. I couldn't move.

Today is only a little better. Fever is lower (still not gone), but every joint in my body aches. I drove the boys to school, then went to my doctor's office (finally!). They did a full blood workup, so we'll see - she thinks it's some virus, but couldn't quite tell what, because I have so many different symptoms.

This is NOT fun! This afternoon is busy - I had to move Micah's appointments from yesterday to todya, so we've got his therapy, then his Tae Kwan Do test, then piano lesson, then his TKD class, then Sam's (at least piano is in the same building).

Wishing you all Happy Holidays. The kids have been really peased with their gitfts so far, which is nice because I kept things very simple this year. Sammy got Hanukah socks, which he loved. Micah got a little portable sparkle-lamp, and he walks around with it. Last night Sofia got her "big" present, a wooden Shabbat set

She loves it! Squealed with delight, and said "challah" very clearly. "Lights" the candles, tried to put one out in the wine (like Havdalah). "Cuts" the challah very carefully.


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. So sorry to hear you have been down with a fever and ear infection. Sure hope you feel better soon. That Shabbat set looks great.