Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

Ok, I'm a geek. I firmly admit it. Proudly.

Which is why I am so excited by my new toy - a MacBook. It seems that my six year old PowerBook G4 decided that NOW was a good time for the hard drive to begin dying. NOW, when I'm in the middle of writing the masters thesis for my 7 long years of Gradual School. NOW, when next week is the Day School Gala and I need a working laptop for the Auction tallying.

Since I just got my paycheck for the High Holidays, and since I'm still eligible for a student discount, and since the Genius at the Apple Store agreed with my assessment of my poor hard drive's prognosis, I came home with a new machine. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

So now I'm setting it up, clean, not just transfering things willy-nilly. I'm so excited!


In other news, I think we can safely call what Sam is going through for his OCD "Webkinz Therapy". Last week, we made tremendous progress with the promise of an imminent Webkinz purchase. So that's all it takes? Sigh.


Sam just went on meds yesterday for a lingering sinus infection, and I think maybe Sofia could use another round also, since her nose hasn't stopped running. Nothing like a limber little tongue - the girl can lick her own nose, which is DISGUSTING!


Micah is doing well, just starting to get a wee bit of a cold today. Last week, both Micah and Sofia qualified for the town's H1N1 clinic, so they got their first shots. Just have to find the 2nd round in time, and still find shots for Sam. Micah qualified as high-risk, and Sofia got in for the "ages 4 and under" round.


Thursday, we are off to CT for my family's celebration. Sleep over, pick up my turkey on Friday at The Crown, and back here, to do it all over again on Saturday with David's family. Cleaning ladies coming today; hopefully I can keep the house clean until then!


Prepping for the Winter Lights Gala and the Auction. Please support the school (and get some cool stuff) by visiting the Auction website.