Monday, December 13, 2010

Fish Killer!

Poor Sam. Sofia has killed "Gefilte Fish", the goldfish he got at school.

How did my delicate daughter manage to do this? Well, apparently a 3/4" long fish stands no chance against the following items being thrown into the tank:

- vampire "teeth" (poor fishy was trapped under these)
- a small (half-inch) teddy bear
- a larger (5") plastic grizzly bear
- a 2" round flat rock

Gefilte received a burial at sea this morning. He hung in for many hours after The Incident, but he looked so miserable, even Sam wasn't sorry when the end finally came.

In other news, I simply love our pediatrician. Sofia needed nebs again at 1:00 am (has needed them at 5am for nearly a week), and now has a rash all over her torso, so not only is Miss Sofia on antibiotics, but doc gave me scripts for both boys, who continue to be less-than-completely-healthy. So hopefully we will finally get rid of this "cold" that has been haunting us for two weeks.

Sofia came with me Thursday to cook at shul, but she did go back to school Friday. The luncheon was well-received on Shabbos - since it was Camp Shabbat (with reps from various overnight camps), we had a very kid-friendly meal of pizza, tuna, egg salad, veggies, and brownies. And lemonade! David was in charge of our kids, while I was in the kitchen the entire morning.

Saturday night, we got to go out as grown-ups with another couple, and had a FABULOUS time. And a bit too much tequila. But really GOOD tequila. And great sushi. YUM.

Sunday, Sam was singing in the Day School concert (all the area schools together). We got him a ride there with the principal, and David had to leave for the airport, but I got to the concert with the other kids about 45 minutes late, so I missed most of it. But heard the high school a-cappella group do an awesome version of Todd Rundgren's "Honest Work".

Took my kids and my "adopted" daughter (Sam's classmate, my friend's daughter) to Taam China for kosher Chinese food. Crazy, but fun. And David's flight got canceled, so I brought him some take-home food. (He left this morning instead).

Finally figured out how to get Sofia's movies loaded onto the hard drive of the Blu Ray drive, so now we don't have to touch the dvds any more. Whew!

I'm TIRED. Up half the night helping Sofia breath.


Eileen said...

I thought you'd learned your lesson about too much tequila.

FBF Rothkopf said...

I had you firmly in mind! I stuck to mixed drinks; It was David who had two different Tasting Flights.