Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tuck & Roll

It's been a loooong week! Being on Benadryl for 2 weeks, and Steroid eye drops for a week, made focusing my brain on anything VERY difficult. Which wouldn't have been a problem if 1) I didn't have these kids and 2) I didn't have 35 lines of Torah to read on Saturday!

Sofia's been in A MOOD all week. Friday, it was "tuck and roll" when I took her to school - I couldn't wait to get away from her!

By Friday, I was also panicked because the 35 lines were not sticking in my brain, so thankfully I was able to give 10 lines to someone else.

And thankfully, my dear friend H invited us to dinner on Friday evening - Micah went home with them for a play date right after school, and Sam and Sofia and I went over later.

Thursday morning I also had a nice time shopping with my other dear friend D - we got a little punchy as we shopped, but it was fun. Put together our gift basket for the faculty and staff at the school.

Saturday, the boys looked SO handsome! Sam had his new suit, and Micah actually wore a sport coat (although his "dressy" pants turned out to be jeans - I lost that argument - but the outfit really worked).

Unfortunately, Sam started feeling ery sick during shul, and fell asleep as soon as we got home. Woke up with 102.7 temp, poor kid. Which also meant that he missed his other friend's bat mitzvah party in the evening. Fortunately, he is feeling better today - we went to pediatrician this morning, and strep test was negative.

So we hung out all afternoon. David came home from Copenhagen around 8pm, and after Sofia went to bed, the rest of us stayed up watching a DVD.

Today David had to deal with what we call "re-entry" - trying to get back into the swing of having three little kids around. It's difficult. Besides the trip to the pediatrician, I had a Zamir lunch to attend (we were honoring the Alto Section Leader, so a lot of us alums needed to be there), and Micah had a birthday party (which also meant he needed to buy a gift). Soit was kind of a crazy day.

But eventually we all had dinner together, and lit the chanukiyot (menorahs) together.

Oh, and a story from last week about Sofia:

Friday afternoon, we were eating lunch with my sister and the girls, and talking about Micah's gymnastics class. We were about to change topics, when Sofia piped up:

"Fia! Monkey Gym! Class! Fia!!!"

She didn't want us to forget to talk about her gymnastics class, too! It was the first time I was really sure she had been following the conversation. She was so totally engaged!

On another note, I heard from Dr. Skotco on Friday regarding the results of the sleep study.

- No Apnea
- No unusual Limb Movements
- Cardiac was fine

However, she had elevated CO2 and low Oxygen. Which of course could either be normal for her (since they didn't have waking levels) or could be a result of having to sleep prone on her back all night (if you've got low muscle tone, it could be just harder to breath fully when laying on your back).

So they are recommending a chest xray and blood gasses. I'll do the blood work when we do her regular blood tests for endocrinology. Not sure if I want to follow through with the chest xray. Will take the appointment with the sleep specialist, to hear what he has to say, but not making any firm decisions yet.

Meanwhile, she's successfully wearing underpants every day, and only having accidents once in a while. Biggest challenge is "spray" - she has an uncanny nack for peeing across the room - I'd thought only little boys could get that kind of coverage! It's because she's so interested in the fact that she's peeing, she leans over too far. Gross.

Micah has been having a lot of mood swings, especially during school, and we were starting to get worried...until Friday, at the school talent show, when we realized that all he truly needs is a microphone! They had to pry it out of his hands, and he was SO happy! (But I am still altering his diet, and pulling sugar and much of his starch. Now I need to find a protein he will actually eat.)