Monday, May 16, 2011

"Why?" "How?" "'Dat?"

When Sam turned two, he started asking Why. Why? Why? Why everything. Non-stop. Still his favorite question.

When Micah was willing to ask questions (come time a little after 2), it was "How?". He did not vare Why - he wanted to know HOW things worked, HOW things happened.

We;;, Sofia doesn't care about Why OR How. Sofia is concerned with "Dat?" As in "Who's that?" "What's That?"

She is Nosy Nellie when it comes to "Dat?" I can't talk ont he phone without her asking "Dat?" She's gotta know. "Dat" is also her way of asking the names of things. "What's That Called?"

Just an interesting observation.

So anyway, Thursday's event was EXCELLENT. People were really really happy with it, it ran smoothly, everyone had fun, and I got all my stuff to work. Last minute editing of a video by the teachers (VERY funny - "When The Cat's Away" a look at what happens when CK is not there - things like "10:00 Math Class - Today's Lesson: Poker!").

I was a little embarrassed. I don't mind being thanked, individually. I like it when people who need to know, know that I have done my job well. But the Mistress of Ceremonies made a point of having me stand up and talking about my work for the event, which also meant that people were coming up to me all night and thanking or congratualting me. Which was oddly uncomfortable for me. Guess I'm not used to praise!

This weekend, Sofia had two birthday parties to attend. She had so much fun! Here she is at the first party - all the kids got crowns:

And here were my three kids when we went to dinner on Mother's Day - note Micah's attitude (he got better after he ate):

And finally, the view of my kids in the car back and forth to CT last weekend: