Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adrin's Bat MItzvah Party in Israel

Wow! Awesome party.

It took us half an hour to catch a cab on King George, which caused a bit of stress, but we were by no means the last people to arrive. The Krispins were already there, so the boys had Adiel and Itamar to hang out with.

Debka, Adrin and Avia all looked absolutely beautiful. They’d had their hair and nails done, and had stunning dresses, and looked so happy.

The only word I can use to describe the evening is LOVE. Eli has a big family. His brother Coby, and sisters Peninah and Racheli, all have a bunch of kids. All the first cousin kids had recorded messages to Adrin, and then recorded a song!

Back in the States, Adrin had recorded her speech, in Hebrew. The function hall was a typical reception hall, what we might call a wedding factory back home. 4 small and 2 large screens showed a continuous slide show of photos, plus Adrin’s speech. The entertainment staff was ample, and camera and video staff always in everyones’ face. Music was loud and exuberant.

Just about every time I looked at Debka or Adrin, I started to cry with happiness. The word JOY also popped into my head a lot. I had a beautiful conversation with Peninah, and hugs from Eli’s mom, Savta Geulah.

The boys (all four of them), kept mostly to themselves. Micah and Adiel had fun hanging out, and Sam hung with Itamar. My boys were tired from today, although Micah perked up considerably after dinner (and a Coke!).

Sofia was still very tired. As soon as we arrived, she latched on to Eli, until I could tempt her away with sushi! She only ate the rice, and only tiny bits. Later, for the appetizer, she had a few bites of mashed potato. But at least she drank water. She’d slept until 7, when I woke her up for a quick shower, and she had a fever. I managed to get more Tylenol into her, so by the time we arrived, she felt a little better, but she was still groggy and quiet most of the evening. Not sure what’s wrong with her, but her tummy is a little better, at least. Just not much appetite (which for sure means something is wrong!).

We sat with the Krispin family, and had a nice time talking with Ella and Shlomi while the boys played. I danced with Debka and Adrin a lot. Micah eventually got on the dance floor. Sam had to be forced - Adrin asked me to tell all the boys (at least my two and Adiel) that she would be horribly shamed in front of her Israeli family if her friends from the US did not dance. So we got Sam out there a couple of times, but not with enthusiasm. Which made me want to cancel his Bar Mitzvah DJ party...

We finally left around midnight. I’ve had just enough caffeine to get me through sorting the pictures. Here are the best!


Batbar Mitzvah Invitations said...

Awesome family, they really bond each for this party! Love the photos!