Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday August 16

We slept late (-ish, depending on your name. Micah and I were up earlier.). I had coffee and breakfast, and went off in search of one of the two coin-operated self-serve laundromats in Jerusalem (actually, there might be 3, but two are relatively nearby). I found one listed online, so I was able to walk there rather easily, just up Narkiss to Ussishkin to Betzalel. Of course, there are only three washing machines, so I had to wait about 20 minutes, but then I got a load of delicate items in (my dress, some things I did not want dried). Then I walked back down to HaNagid to the drop-off laundry with the rest of the clothing. We go through a LOT of clothing!

Note to self: always rent a place that includes at least a washing machine. Micah and I are allergic to the laundry soap the drop-off place uses (anyway, I only brought single packets of things we are probably also allergic to).

Went home, washed up (it was already hot and a bit humid at 9:45), and then went back to get the load out of the machine. Stopped for some groceries too. I felt like a real olah (someone who makes aliyah, and moves permanently to Israel).

We got out of the apartment after 1:00, taking things very slowly. Then we walked.

And walked.

And walked.

Down into Giv’at Klor Garden, through the Valley of the Cross (Emek Hamatzlevah), and back up Givat Ram to the Israel Museum.

The last time we went to the Israel Museum, when we were here four years ago and met the Rabinowitz family for the day, we really spent most of our time in the Youth Wing, so this was a nice chance to see the rest of the museum. First we got lunch (the dairy cafe at the museum was VERY good). Poor Sofia got some sunscreen in her eye (my fault, I’m sure), so she was tired and hot and whiney and unhappy for a few hours. We took a long time in the archaeological exhibit, but I kept getting dizzy from being hot and tired and dehydrated. But eventually I felt better.

Sofia perked up too, when we went briefly through the Youth wing. Then we went up to the art wing, and Micah and I got the “Sofia speed tour” as we chased her through many exhibits.

Around 6:30, we headed toward the gate, but it was so lovely out that we walked around by the Shrine of the Book and the Holyland scale model for a while. Finally left at 7pm, heading back to the center of town to meet up with friends.

Micah’s buddy Adiel and his family just moved back to Jerusalem a few weeks ago. When we saw them yesterday, I confirmed his mom’s email, and she and I were emailing back and forth all day. We took a cab to Yafo Street near Machane Yehudah, but we ended up walking down to King George to meet them, and then walked up King George to have dinner. Had a really delicious dinner - Sofia practically inhaled the rice & beans (the beans here are big white ones, not South American rice&beans), Sam loved his shishlik, I had meatballs and kubbeh, and David had his beloved shnitzel. Micah had “chips” (french fries). That’s all he wanted.

Walked with them a bit back to the apartment, then split up when they headed to their car. David took Sam & Sofia home, and I took Micah to Ben Yehuda Street to pick up the yad (Torah pointer) that he wanted, which Sam and I had found on sale the other night (on sale because it is missing a stone, but I can fix that at home).

Home now, some laundry still drying. I have to go get the drop-off laundry first thing in the morning, because Sam is out of shorts and we did not get home in time to pick up.

Tomorrow we have tickets for the “Time Elevator”, and are going to the Italian Museum.

Here are the pictures from yesterday and today.