Monday, March 12, 2012

Get Us Healthy Already!

What a weekend. Week. Month. Something like that.

Sam was sick for a couple of weeks. Missed a few days of school, was generally miserable and uncomfortable, with sore throat and bad cough. Viral, nothing to be done.

Sofia and I started getting sick last week.

It starts with the nose, or course. And then the throat. The cough. The nose. And for Sofia, tummy trouble, too.

Wednesday night she was up a lot.

Thursday, I stayed home and rested most of the day.

Thursday night she was up a lot more.

Friday, Sofia had to stay home. She spent the day demanding to see the Alvin & The Chipmunks ChipWrecked movie, which will not be available until March 27. Ugh.

Friday night, we had a quiet Shabbat dinner, just the four of us (David was in the UK).

Friday around midnight, she woke with a really bad croupy cough. She was having a lot of trouble breathing. I tried saline nebs, then I tried steamy shower. Nothing. Called our pediatrician, who could hear Sofia coughing over the phone. Go to the ER.

So 1:00 am, Sofia and I are in the ER. (I woke Sam to tell him we were leaving). They eventually gave her a dose of steroids, and then a cool mist treatment. We were home by 3am. They wanted to do an xray, but I 1) didn't think it was necessary, and 2) knew there couldn't possibly be enough people on duty at that hour to hold my daughter still for an xray anyway. So no xray.

So we got to sleep around 4am. Missed the bar mitzvah in the morning - I found out later I was supposed to have an honor, too. Bummed. Sofia also missed her reading group for the second month in a row. Bummed.

Sofia spent the day bouncing off the walls, she was so pumped up from the steroids. And so tired, too. She just couldn't think straight. Poor baby.

We went out around 4:30 to pick up David from the Logan Express bus. She did sleep a few minutes in the car, but woke when he got in.

Went back home, and at 7pm, Sam and I left so I could take him to the bar mitzvah party (Micah was starting to not feel well, so he stayed home). I spent a few hours with a friend who lives near the party, which was nice.

Came home around 10:45. Sofia woke a few times, and then at around 6:30 am, she had an hour of Night Terrors. I'd forgotten about them. She used to get them when she was a baby and toddler, on days when she was very over-tired. An hour of sobbing and crying, from my daughter who usually does not cry. Not fun.

She finally fell back to a sound sleep on my lap, so we stayed abed until about 11:30. David and Sam went for a quick hike. When they came home, I left to go to the Special Needs Camp Fair. Didn't find any afternoon programs. What do people do after summer school????

When I got home, David and Sam left again. They ended up driving all the way down to Newport and back! I took Micah and Sofia out for a walk and some playground time, but really, none of us had much energy. We stopped for ice cream, and then came home to rest. I rented the first Chipmunks movie for her (she still wants Chipwrecked) and took a nap.

Made dinner; David and Sam got home at 7 and David turned right around to go to a meeting for the parents in Sam's class. I felt horrible and did not want to go. Besides being exhausted, my throat felt like it was full of razor blades. Horrible.

I let the boys watch a movie, and Sofia was still having trouble settling down, so everyone was awake when David got home. He and I fell asleep before any of them!

Micah's not feeling great today, but they are all back in school. My throat feels better, but I still don't have a voice (have not had one since Friday). Sofia is a little better, still coughing and stuffy but not as bad as last week.