Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yom Kippur, Glee, and always parenting

G'mar Chatima Tovah. May you be inscribed in the book of Life and Peace for a good new year. If I have in any way offended or injured you, I apologize.

I am addicted to Glee. Really. I had only watched it on airplanes, but on the way home from NZ I watched the first 8 episodes. Hooked. I actually got a free month of Netflix, and I'm working my way through the entire series. Finished Season One, on to Season Two. Plus I've started on the "live" broadcasts of Season Four.

Which means I now realize something about myself. I am Rachel. I'm singing in the Chamber Choir at shul, and I'm fairly certain I have same personality as Rachel. Not the voice. I have a "good" voice, but not "great". She's got the great voice, for sure. But I've got all the personality traits, annoying or not. Yup. I'm Rachel. I admit it.

So my boys think I'm nuts (but as I type this, Sam and his friend A are watching Glee with me). But I will watch these episodes until I am all the way through the series, and if Glee is my way of avoiding reality, so be it.

Parenting continues. Sucks a lot, but worth it. Yesterday, I took Sofia to Children's Hospital in Waltham, and she had two great check-ups. Endocrin was a breeze, since we'd done her blood work a few weeks ago. Her numbers all look terrific - levels have gone down, BMI great, growth perfect.

We went out for lunch, which was fun. Then back to Children's for cardiology. It was a wicked long wait, which was annoying. Sofia did NOT like the EKG, and she refused to take the stickers off her chest until bath time (and even then, it was a struggle). Her blood pressure was very high, which makes sense because she hates the cuff, so we'll monitor that. But we managed to get a fairly decent echo-cardiogram, too, and the news was great. Blood flow terrific, no leaking. They don't want her back for 2 - 3 years!

Micah stayed home "sick" yesterday. His sinuses have gotten the better of him, and he was totally wiped out. Went through three boxes of kleenex in one day. Poor boy. But he went back to school today. He's better out of the house.

Sam is...Sam. Freaks out when things go wrong. Happy when things go his way. Sigh.

So I settle in to watch Glee, with my kids and my extra kids. So nice.

Happy New Year!