Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brevard Zoo

We had a great time with the Keirnan clan again today. We met them over at the Brevard Zoo, which is around the corner from the hotel. T and I took the two little girls to the zoo, while David and M took the four older kids on the TreeTop walk, with zip lines and all that.

It was much colder than usual for this area, and often windy, but a lovely day. Sofia was full-speed ahead for most of the time at the zoo. Their daughter R doesn't move as fast as my demon child, so there was a lot of stopping and starting. The girls had the most fun at the playground, where R could sit inside the tunnel and shout at other kids, and Sofia planted herself on the roof to "build a fire" in the giant nest.

Another highlight for Sofia was feeding the parrots. She kept trying to get one to land on her arm, but she moved too much for them.
 We left the Zoo around 3, had a nice lunch at Long Boarders, and then back to the house. David and I both fell asleep! He took a two hour nap; mine was about an hour. The older kids had fun out back and on the street, first using bows and arrows, and then playing "Cops & Robbers".  The two little girls had the disco ball and lights going up in the playroom, along with many movies.
Then we had a small dinner, and said our goodbyes.

Mike gives Sam a noogie.

We don't look quite the same as when we went to the junior prom; it was a few years ago!
All six kids: