Saturday, February 16, 2013

Old Friends, next generation

It wouldn't be a vacation, or a road trip, without my blog, so here goes.

We had SUCH a wonderful evening with the Keirnan Clan tonight. It took the four older kids about 20 minutes to get back into friend-mode, and then they were running around the house for hours together. The two little girls settled right in to playing and watching movies and asking for snacks.

Grownups had fun talking ('cause that's what grown-ups do) and laughing and eating and drinking. Poor David - I'd only let him take a 25 minute nap at the hotel, so he was exhausted, but he held up most of the evening.

It's just about midnight now. Micah and David are out cold. Sofia, having napped a while in the car, is still restless, and Sam just got out of the shower.

Looking forward to the Brevard Zoo tomorrow with our friends.