Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just so many things to report

It's been a VERY long week. Made much longer by the return of my sinus and double-ear infection. UGH. This one really knocked me out. I felt like someone had poured cement into my skull. It's only just starting to fade, with the help of antibiotics (and herbs from the acupuncturist). My voice is still raspy - Monday I couldn't talk at all, so at least raspy is progress.

The boys have been really good while I'm sick and David is away (he's in New Zealand again). They've stepped up and helped out a lot around the house. Yesterday afternoon, while I was at swimming with Sofia, I called to tell the boys to take out the trash. Sam argued about doing it later, but I said "Do it now while it's nice out." After I hung up the phone, another mom sidled over to me and asked "Are they really going to take out the trash? You sounded so calm!"

I'm prepping for Passover...a little. The sinus-and-ear infection isn't helping my motivation, but the knowledge that I'll have a family of 5 (my friend B from Florida) sleeping over most of the holiday week is certainly motivating enough. Friday (when we got 17 inches of snow! and had another snow day), Micah and I spent some time cleaning out the basement. The entire bathroom down there is now filled with toys to be donated. BigBrotherBigSister is arriving on Tuesday, but they won't take ride-on toys. Anyone know where I can donate those?

Oh! And last week we also had a night with no heat! The furnace just stopped. My neighbor came over, and then later another friend from shul spent time looking at it, but no one could figure it out. Fortunately, it was an easy fix - the door switch was not engaged - but the whole thing is going. Both the furnace and water heater are nearly 20 years old, new with the house, so we've been VERY lucky so far.

The first quote I got was astronomical - $15,000 - but the guy who came yesterday seemed more reasonable. I'm still waiting for the official quote from him, and looking for one more suggestion.

Last Tuesday after school we all rode into Waltham to pick up Miss Sofia's first pair of GLASSES:

Since then, we've had to go to the local eyeglass place twice to get them adjusted, and I bought a strap (which she HATES) to keep them on. We keep finding them in all sorts of interesting toy boxes... she usually does know exactly where they are when we ask. The frames had better be sturdy, although I suspect we'll have to replace them sooner than usual no matter what.

And since her nose is not too flat, we were able to get off-the-rack frames, rather than Specs4Us, which are made especially for kids with Down syndrome.

Miss Sofia is starting to transition from her homeroom into the smaller sub-separate classroom. Right now, as we wait for the IEP paperwork, her SpEd teacher is taking her into that room to do their work together, but as soon as the paperwork is signed, she'll be there more often. I'm really excited about it. There are only 5 other kids in the class, just like at her MWJDS class, and it's a better language pace for her.

But the thing that's made a huge difference in her language this week is The Lorax. She discovered the movie (on Netflix), and watches is about three times a day. She's all full of words about it, telling stories and "singing" songs. She's been very chatty and bouncy this week (yes, when I'm sick). Kind of like Puppy Uppers.

Sunday afternoon we had her birthday party, which was also a lot of fun. Laura and Lilie came up on Saturday afternoon.

She was very bouncy, and excited about her gifts. Laura got her Bullseye to go with Woody and Jessie. Someone got her a mermaid Barbie. Someone else got her an Art kit (decorate your computer set), which she insisted on working on Tuesday afternoon. First time she's really insisted on doing an art project, ever, even if I was the one who did a lot of the work.

Sam took his Math Placement test, and I have to finish getting all his paperwork in for High School course selection. Scary.

Micah is Micah. Getting taller (and thinner, if possible), and bubbly and cuddly. He and I fell asleep cuddling while watching a Harry Potter movie last night. Sweet boy.

I've been asked to be the parent-speaker at the Chai Society event next week for the day school. Chai Society is the big donors. I spoke at it a few years ago, too. Cool.

My third grade students finally debuted their Torah reading skills on Tuesday, and did GREAT. I'm so proud of them.

Oh, and the other day, I was at shul, telling the lady in the office about the challenges I'll be facing for Passover. Guests include a kid with autism and his parents (who I think both have aspbergers), another kid with aspbergers, a lady with altzheimers, kids with ADHD, etc. It wasn't until I got back to my car that I remembered: Oh yeah, and my daughter has Down syndrome! Ha. My version of normal.