Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trying to wake up enough to function well

I have been just SOOO tired for the past week. Not sure if it's the weather, an early cycle, or a low-level bug, but I am wiped out. Must nap daily. Deep naps, too, nothing lite. Sunday, I'd fallen asleep in the comfy chair, and when one of my kids woke me up, I literally could not remember anyone's names for a few moments. Ugh!

I saw my husband for a few hours this weekend. Just a few. His flight from Germany (actually, the connection from NJ) was delayed, so he ended up taking the 12:15 am Logan express bus Saturday night - I picked him up at 1am. And he left yesterday afternoon for 3 weeks - first San Jose and then off to Auckland. He'll be back in time for the Passover seders. Just.

Thursday was a LONG day. Sam had his Ashland reading group and support session in the morning. Micah gets a ride to school, so after I dropped Sam at the middle school, I worked out and then went home for a quick shower. Usually when I pick him up at 9:30, he comes right out of the school and we race off to MWJDS.

Nope. This time the Counselor comes out and tells me I have to go to the Principal's office! It turns out that one of the kids in the Reading class made an anti-Semitic comment, which the teacher felt was directed at Sam.

I was impressed by how seriously the school took things, and how they handled it. By the time I came in, the kid's parents were already in meeting with the assistant principal. Sam, his counselor and I met with the principal, who told us what their procedures are for this type of behavior. Sam was given a Good Citizen t-shirt (which he wryly told me he wasn't going to wear). He was assured that HE was not in trouble, and if the kid ever gave him any trouble, he should report it immediately.

In the car on the way to MWJDS, Sam and I had a great talk about the incident. We were both impressed with how the school handled it, and Sam felt that his MWJDS classmates should know about it so they could also be ready for the "real world" next year. He also said that, although he recognized that what the kid had said was not good, "it didn't really make sense." I explained that often, slurs like that really don't make sense when you examine them. 

Whew. I was proud of my kid, and impressed by the school. Got to MWJDS, had a couple of quick check-ins with the staff about the incident (and about the new math test they gave us...). Some quick errands, and off to pick up Sofia.

Instead of going to MWJDS, Thursday was Children's Hospital Waltham check-up day. First up, Ophthalmology. Guess who is getting glasses?! Hopefully we can pick them up this afternoon. I'm waiting to hear.

We were there a long time, between the checkup, waiting for her eyes to dilate, and then picking out the frames. Pink and purple and lots of bling, of course.

After a quick snack outside, we then went to the Sleep doctor. As expected, her sleep study in early January was absolutely perfect. Only minor issue was slightly elevated levels of CO2, which is typical with Down syndrome. I really really like the doctor, and enjoyed the conversation, but it did all come down to behavior - hers and mine. Sigh.

After we picked up the boys at gymnastics, I took my kids for sushi. Yum.

Friday evening we had a great time at my friend D's house. Stayed up way too late!

Saturday morning, Sofia fairly melted in ballet, she was so tired. We picked up the boys and raced to shul, but only stayed about an hour. The boys were having fun in the lobby with their friends, but
the only thing Sofia would do was roll on the floor in the preK service, and it was too hot in that room for me. I've been going to the preK service for a VERY LONG TIME now. I'm tired of it, much as I love the people. I wish she would sit in the K-1-2 class already. We tried, but no such luck.

Sam wanted to go snowboarding in the afternoon, but we could not find anyone to go with him. I was willing to sit in the lobby with Sofia for as many hours as he wanted, but he did not want to go alone. So we all stayed at my friend S's house when we took Micah over there for his playdate. It was nice to just hang out. At one point, S went to watch a show, and her teenage daughter asked, "Wait, don't you have company?" and S and I both said "No!" at the same time!

Took Sofia to the Special Needs Camp Fair on Sunday and had a nice chat with the director of Camp Arrowhead, where I think she'll be going this summer.

OH! and we got a notice last week - the Pool Club we've been going to since Micah was a baby is CLOSING! NOOOOOOO! I have no idea what I'm going to do now.