Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Lineup

The other day, the boys were outside, Sofia was playing in the living room, and David and I were upstairs. Suddenly, we heard glass clinking. Not breaking, but she was definitely into something she shouldn't be.

Got downstairs to find that she'd taken lots and lots of bottles out of the liquor cabinet (we're not big drinkers - we still have all the leftover bottles from our wedding!) and was lining them up very methodically on the floor!

I redirected her, and she began lining up her dolls and babies (she makes a distinction now between the two!):

Meanwhile, the boys were sledding in the neighbor's yard for a while, and then they moved over to our yard. We have a very very steep hill in front. Micah started having an asthma attack from the cold, so he came inside, but Sam and two of the other neighborhood boys had a great time. Eventually they attempted to "snowboard" off the front porch:

Ok, I'm done with winter now...

I got a massage this morning. Ahhhh. Made another appointment for 2 weeks from now.

I tried writing my paper for last semester's class yesterday, but it's really difficult to write a scholarly paper about Rashi and Maimonidies while "Angelina Ballerina" (a.k.a. the prissy rodent) is whining in the background!


Tracy said...

Oh boy! The snowboarding looks fun. I know you are getting tired of winter, but my girls would love to get up there and play in all that snow!!