Friday, January 9, 2009

On Mothers and Daughters

Well, specifically on me and Sofia:

I know Sofia can do a lot of things, but she SOOOO wnats to be my BABY. With me, she refuses to get herself dressed, go to the potty, or do any "big kid" stuff. However, with E and David and anyone else, she's ready for the real world.

Yesterday I was trying to get her on the potty, and she just kept refusing. Then E walked in, and Sofia kicked me out of the bathroom!

I guess everyone needs to feel like a baby sometimes, right?

In other news... well, nothing much. I'm still exhausted. I took two naps today, once at my friend's house and once while the kids were watching a movie in my room. My friend R came for dinner, which was nice. David returns from London tomorrow, but leaves for Pennsylvania on Sunday night.

I had my yearly physical on Wednesday, and I'm pleased to report that my cholesterol went way down from last year! And other than needing more Vitamin D, everything looked fine. It's just gonna take a long time to recover from the Fifth's. At least my joints don't hurt as much any more.

So I'm trying to take it easy, nap whenever possible. Since E is on winter break, she can come help more next week while David is away. The kids exhaust me, especially Micah, who alternates between horrible mood and bouncy bouncy bouncy. Sigh. And Miss Bossy girl is getting into all sorts of trouble. This evening I caught her (three times) trying to take down CDs from the shelf. When I scold her, she hides her head on the if I'll disappear when she can't see me....


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I hope you feel better soon! Fifths is NO fun!!! Sounds like Sofia and Kennedy would get along GREAT! LOL