Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Ahhh. It's 5:15 pm, and the boys and I are still in pajamas. Sofia only got dressed because she conned us into taking a bath this morning (by spilling orange juice all over her pajamas). Sam is attempting to shovel now (pajamas under snow gear), although David is on his way home to help.

I finished my curtains! I've had he fabric for months, and the hardware since November. Yesterday I finally figured out what I wanted for the ribbon loops, and last night and today I did all the sewing. I can't get the hardware up by myself, though, because my arms go numb if I have to reach over my head too long, so David will have to do that.

Miss Sofia has eaten about 6 Clementines today. That's going to add up to a VERY long time on the potty!

I hereby publicly apologize to my husband for anything snide I may have typed about him here. He really is a wonderful husband, and I love him immensely. But sometimes life gets rough, and attitudes need adjusting. David and I are off to NYC this weekend, without the kids, so hopefully our attitudes will return fully adjusted.

Uh oh, Sofia is fighting with Micah again. The two of them start arguing when he grabs things out of her hands (this time it was by my request, but he is less than gentle about it), and then they start screaming, and the next thing you know, someone is getting their nose bonked with a horse-on-a-stick or a plastic sword.