Monday, April 13, 2009

Do I Mind?

This is one of those questions that pops up everyone once in a while. It occurs to me mostly when I get to see Sofia interact with her age-peers. And when I see "The Difference".

Do I mind that my daughter is developing her abilities slower than her peers? Do I mind that she doesn't necessarily do everything that my friends' kids can do at her age? And how much is because she is not in the synagogue nursery school, just in the public school?

So certainly this question came to mind at our second seder, when the other two girls (one just turned 5, and one will be 4 next month) were able to sing Passover songs that they'd learned in school. They were able to listen to the seder and know what was coming next. They played together, while Sofia still played on her own or with the littler or bigger kids.

Do I mind?


Last weekend, when we did Havdalah, the brief ceremony marking the end of Shabbat, Sofia knew exactly what to do. She ran to get her kippah, jockeyed for position with Micah, took a sip from the cup of wine, and held her hands out to the flame BEFORE I'd started the blessing!

At synagogue, a few weeks ago, she escaped from me long enough to find the back passage behind the bimah, and ended up sitting ON the bimah, in one of the (very comfy) chairs, reading a prayer book. When it is time for the kids to go up for the clsing prayers, she knows the drill. She knows when it is time to shove her hands into the crowd with the other kids for the washing. She knows when we sing, when we eat.

Do I mind that, although she looks JUST like Micah, she also looks like a lot of little girls who also have 47 chromosomes?

No. She's gorgeous. At the MDSC conference, I was struck by the elfin beauty of many of the young women. It is different. But it's also lovely.

Do I mind that figuring out her school placement is always going to be a chore for me?

Well, maybe a little, but I'm glad that I am armed with much knowledge on the topic, and plenty of resources to turn to for guidance.

Do I mind watching "Madagascar" every single day?



My name is Sarah said...

My mom says very, very nice. In my room we watch Full House over and over and over.

Tracy said...

I can quote Madagascar 1 and 2!! Thank goodness it is a fun movie. Rachel LOVES her movies!!