Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vacation Camp

Sofia is at her first day of vacation camp at her brothers' school today. I didn't realize what a wreck I would be. First there was the lunchbox-filling. Since preschool is only mornings, I usually only have to send a small snack. This is a full day, so I needed lunch for her, as well. And since she can't have bread, and I didn't have any rice noodles made, I was at a bit of a loss. And Sam had a melt-down, and Sofia herself was crabby, and I never got coffee.

So I got the boys to school on time, and went in to meet the camp directors (I'd told them I would be in early today; rest of the week camp doesn't start until 9am). Leader is a SpEd teacher from a nearby town, and she'd worked in Ashland last year. I reviewed Sofia's signs and gave her a brief overview.

Then I reluctantly left. Sofia did try to leave with me, but her assistant (a teen we know from shul) brought her back.

I had coffee with D, and a yearbook meeting. I called the school at 10am, and was told that she was ok, but not really participating. I called again at 11am. This time, the principal got on the phone to reassure me. Sofia was petting a tarantula at that moment, which apparently was very fun (they had a Snakes & Lizards visit). HaMenahelet (the principal) also told me "She's fine. Go home, and take a nap. We know how to reach you if we need you. She's FINE." (I love HaMenahelet!)

So I went home. I didn't nap; I spent the whole time working on the yearbook. Anyone want to buy a booster?

I got back to the school at 2:30, and at 2:45 I finally went in (camp ended at 3pm). They were doing great. Not only did Sofia have a blast, but my friend's son B apparently couldn't stop playing with her hair the whole afternoon.

I picked up Sofia, along with her assistant, and my friend D's younger daughter. We went back thru the rain into the minivan, which was waiting in the pick-up line.

Then I realized that the car wouldn't start. I managed to jump the battery (yes, I have my own cables AND I know how to use them!) about 30 seconds before the kids got out of school. Whew.

Dropped off R, met D in a parking lot to give her the girls, and came home. David and I are going out tonight, so my sitter is here.