Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's the Sunday before Passover, and (most of) you know what that means... trying my hardest to avoid doing all the mountains of work that need to be done!

David took Micah to the office and then for a bike ride, so they are gone. I have Sam and Sofia. We watched X-Men 3( Sam has now seen all 3 in the series), and Madagascar 2 (which Sofia is now watching again). And we took a bike ride.

But apparently I must have picked up my bike from its' tune-up before they were done with it, because the wheel still rubs the brake. So I'll have to bring it back tomorrow.

I made 7 gefilte fish loaves; they are cooling on the one Pesadich counter in the kitchen. Freezer is done, and first dishwasher load. Many more loads to run. Probably will do the briskets tomorrow. And maybe start on some cookies. I have a few recipes, but I am not sure exactly which ones I'll make.

Friday night, my friend J and her family came over. Her girls are the same ages as the boys, and the kids have been friends literally since birth. We have some adorable pictures of Sam and her oldest when they were babies, and toddlers, etc.

Dinner was so much fun. I do think the 3 bottles of red wine helped (but ohhhh, it didn't feel so good the next morning!), but we are all really good friends, and we were just so silly. It was a nice evening.

Went to shul; fortunately there was babysitting, so I got a break from Sofia for a few hours. Lunch was nice - it was my friend's son's bar mitzvah, and the "in-house" caterer (who is also a friend) did a great job. And the kids were all having fun, and David and I sat and talked with our own friends for a long time. Lots of laughing. I had two 8 year old girls follow Sofia around, which was good for some laughs (since they kept taking turns asking for assistance). We didn't leave until after 2pm!

Rested in the afternoon - I love my Shabbos nap - and then had leftovers for dinner. After Havdalah, we got the kids to sleep, and watched 3 episodes of Farscape (we have seasons 2, 3, and 4 on DVDm and we are working our way through the whole series again).

Tonight is probably more leftovers, although I think I need to order a pizza just so I have something to give the boys for lunch tomorrow!