Friday, October 29, 2010

Clean Carpet

A friend of ours gave our number to the local Kirby Vacuum rep, and today, I got the entire bedroom carpet cleaned and shampooed for FREE. Took over 2 hours. Of course, she showed me the machine and all the nifty attachments you could get with the machine. But the darn thing costs over $1000, and ...oh yeah, I'm ripping out all the carpets this year and getting laminate flooring.

But it's sure nice to have this room clean!

Flooring has been ordered. Just waiting for an install date. Yeah!

Sam and his class returned from Teva camp retreat last night. They had a terrific time. "I didn't like it - I LOVED IT!" was the response form several of the kids. They presented to the whole school at Shabbat this afternoon, with cute skits and songs about what they learned.

I scored a "Belle" dress for Sofia at CVS this afternoon. I usually don't buy costumes, especially before Halloween, but I could not resist this little dress, and it was 25% off. She's wearing it now. I have the feeling she'll be wearing it all weekend. :)

Micah now has a "Happiness Journal" that he carries with him (EVERYWHERE) to record anything that makes him even remotely happy. Obviously, leading the pre-Shabbat prayers at school (birthday kids get to lead) didn't make him happy - he looked like he'd just had his fingernails peeled off.

Hosting a few of Micah's classmates and their families tomorrow night for a movie night. One family going through a very bad cancer bought, this is to let them know how much we love them. Of course it's at my house - it was supposed to be at the school, but not enough families could come, so I was ..... gently manipulated guided into offering to host.

It's been nice having my husband home all week. Next week, back to travel and "single-parenting" again. Boo hoo.