Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Keep Swimming, swimming, swimming...

We roll merrily along as usual. Micah's birthday party has morphed - I got him to narrow his list to about 11 other kids, and I found a decently affordable magician, so we are having it at home. If he really really wants a pinata, it'll be out in the driveway, hanging from the bedroom window. No more dents in my walls, please.

Sofia started her new gymnastics class today. The My Gym in Framingham had to close this summer, but the corporate office took it over. So this afternoon's class was taught by a guy from North Carolina who is up here to train new staff. He was good, knows his stuff, and it was fun to watch Sofia adapt to a new teacher. When he tried to do the warm-up routine in a different order than last years' teacher, she insisted on doing things in the CORRECT order! He just has to learn not to mention Food or Home, 'cause she drops from whatever she's doing and heads for the door...

But really, the difference a year makes is amazing. She follows almost all the steps, really stays with the class (ok, "class" is kind'a generous - there was only one other kid!). She knows how to do things, and when she needs help, she knows how to ask. Cool!

Sam is getting ready for his class camping trip to Teva, the Jewish ecological retreat center. I love their Philosophy Statement:

Thousands of years ago our ancestors lived with a keen awareness of their dependence on the natural systems that support life. Through their daily interactions with soil, water, and air, they developed a great respect for the Earth and sensed the presence of the Divine within all of Creation. Although many Jews today have lost this connection, our ancient relationship with nature is nevertheless reflected in Jewish law, in our prayers, in the celebration of our holidays, and in the core values of our tradition.

The Teva Learning Center exists to renew the ecological wisdom inherent in Judaism. By immersing participants in the natural world and providing structured activities which sensitize them to nature's rhythms, we help them develop a more meaningful relationship with nature and their own Jewish practices. This process also facilitates personal growth, community building, and a genuine commitment to tikkun olam, healing the world. All Teva programs are built on a thematic progression - from Awareness to Interconnectedness to Responsibility.

I saw a documentary on this place when I was taking "The Place of Nature in the Bible" a few years ago. I'm totally jealous! Sam's whole class is going, I guess along with 6th graders from one of the other area day schools, for 4 days. He leaves Monday, which happens to be Micah's birthday.

But David will be home all next week, so it's sort of a trade. We even have a sort of "date" planned - Tuesday we are going to see a film at the Boston Jewish Film Festival, about a girl with Down syndrome.

He's been traveling again - Chicago this week, he's on the plane to come home now. And over the weekend, he went for a "Guy's Weekend" up to Maine. My girlfriends and I decided that we needed to 'let' the guys get away, but I guess the guys didn't really know what to do, so they fixed the toilet and went for walks and drank a bit. Sort of an organized playdate for our husbands.

Meanwhile, we had fun. Shabbos dinner on Friday evening was back at H's house with J's family. The kids all get along, and the three of us ladies spent about an hour hiding out upstairs and talking. It was nice.

Saturday, Samuel and I both read Torah in the Family Service. He did great. I did ok, was glad my 10 year old friend was able to gabbai for me on the second portion. Lunch at shul, and then...Sofia walked out of the shul. I turned my back for a moment, to put my coat on, and she was gone. Eventually, the cantor's wife found her ...IN THE PARKING LOT. We think she went out the front door and wandered around the building to the back.


But she was fine (and miffed that I got so angry at her!). Micah went to his friend's house, and we took an extra Sam home. The two Sams played downstairs, Sofia played upstairs, and I rested a bit. Then I took them shopping. Sam got his first personal invitation to a bar mitzvah party, but the bar mitzvah kid informed him that he had to wear a suit for the service! We found a suit, but it was too big. Poor Sam is in-between sizes just now. Too big for a 10, too small for a 12.

Quiet night at home. Sunday morning, dropped Sam at another friend's house, and took Sofia and Micah to the Maccabees pre-K program at the day school. It was fun. We stayed and played on the playground for a long time after. Picked up Sam, fed them lunch, and when my sitter arrived, dropped Sam at another friend's house. Then I got to go to a fundraiser at a Spa & Gym. Cool. My friends and I all got our hair blow-dryed out (straight - really fun, since most of us are curly). I also took a pilates class - ouch! Won a gift certificate to Lucy, a store in the mall.

David was home when I got home, but left the next morning for Chicago. I can't wait to see him again.

Scheduled Sofia's visit with the Behavioral Psychologist at Children's today! They called, from the referral from the Downs clinic visit. Going in a couple of weeks. Should be interesting.


Tracy said...

I will be interested to hear what the behaviorist has to say. I keep thinking I need to talk to one about how to keep Rachel focused. She is impossible to keep on task if it does not interest her.