Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October in the air

I love love love October in New England. It is simply beautiful. The colors, the crispness. Everything.

Except this year I am getting migraines! Usually they are mostly confined to the J months - January, June and July - because the barometric pressure is all over the place. But with last week's rain, I guess my system is confused. I've had 4 migraines in 4 days. NOT FUN!

First migraine happened right in the middle of the Buddy Walk. I spent a good stretch of the walk holding onto the handle of the stroller as David pushed it, keeping my eyes closed and hoping I didn't trip on anything (or anyone, especially Sammy, who kept jumping in front of me).

Buddy Walk was fabulous. I want to say "as usual", but really, this year was the best, because RACHEL COLEMAN from Signing Times was there!!!!! Here are my photos. Sofia and I were both completely mesmerized as Rachel sang, and I nearly burst into tears along with lots of other moms as she comforted a sobbing and grateful mommy on the stage. Even more fun was that my friend K was inside the Hopkins suit, so I got to see her, too!

Sofia wanted nothing to do with a life-size Rachel and 7' tall Hopkins, but Micah has the potential to become a stalker when he grows up. He wouldn't leave them alone!

We were joined by our friends and our sitter, and it was a gorgeous October day.

In other news...not too much else going on. Micah should probably win some sort of Emmy Award for Most Dramatic Taking of Medication. It takes him a full 10 minutes of gagging and spitting to drink 2 teaspoons of zithromax liquid, even with the added grape flavor (he hates cherry meds).

Sam completed 6 weeks of cleaning his earring, and now we upgraded to a tiny gold hoop. Very very cool.

Monday, the kids had no school, but David flew out to Michigan again. So I took the kids to help me do a mitzvah. An older couple who are dear friends of ours are both having physical ailments - spinal problem for him and broken rotator cuff for her. We went to their house and helped clean and take out the trash. "We" of course is kind of a stretch. Sam had a complete "OCD" attach because he hates garbage. Micah ended up getting a trumpet lesson from the guy, which was great both for Micah and for the wonderful man. Sofia found tea-party toys (my friend S refuses to grow up!). It was a lot of fun.

After that, I actually took my kids to the Mall, and did not sell any of them! We got Sam his hoop earring, and looked at a lot of stuff and had lunch. It was ok. Fun, even!

Now I'm trying to figure out Micah's birthday. He wants to have a party, and has 27 kids he wants to invite. He just cannot pick a place to have it. So tonight I sent out emails asking for quotes from magicians, and I'm considering actually opening my home to Micah's friends... something I am REALLY not so thrilled to do. Micah's friends are...well...a whole bunch of 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds. Mostly boys, but some girls, too. And sicne his birthday is October 25, I cannot just plan to throw them all outdoors. I need an indoor space. UGH. Of course he refuses anything like Teamworks or PumpItUp or gymnastics or Tae Kwan Do. Maybe the arcade, but they want $15 per kid, which is a bit much. I really just need a big room.

Gotta go work on the Winter Lights Gala Auction!


katie said...

love the neame of your blog. I actually went to a pirates and princesses birthday party recently. how fun. kudos on participating in the buddy walk as well. i am homeschooling my twin boys with special needs as well as three typicals. Busy but beyond blessed! have a great day.