Saturday, January 15, 2011

Escape from Snow

Well, I was very fuzzy-headed on Monday and Tuesday, so I don't feel like I got a lot done. DID manage a mani/pedi, whew!

Tuesday there was some planning confusion, but eventually it worked out - Sam is taking Snowboarding lessons for the next few weeks. He is so happy! And I'm pleased to say that the mom who took him was very impressed with him and his behavior. Always a good least for other people :)

Wednesday, of course, was a major snow storm. Stayed inside with Sofia all day, although the boys all had fun outside. Took forever to shovel.

The boys did not have school on Thursday, ugh, but Sofia did, yeah. And Thursday was THE DAY. The sitter came in the morning so I could run a couple of errands (like retrieving my bluetooth earpiece from Staples, where I had lost it on Tuesday). Then my parents arrived, and David and I left for the airport.

We are now in sunny south Florida! We stayed with my grandmother on Thursday night. She's 99 and still lives on her own and is AMAZING. Friday morning we took her out for a pedicure. Then we packed up and headed to Palm Beach. We are staying at the Ritz Carlton - gotta love all the travel points David gets!

Of course it's a nice place. Gorgeous. We ate lunch poolside, although it was VERY VERY windy, so we didn't stay out too long. David took a nap in the afternoon while I worked out. We walked across the street for some yummy sushi for dinner. And we sat in the lounge and had tea in the evening. Nice and relaxing.

However, the boys keep texting and calling us. They are MISERABLE with my parents! Micah actually called while we were still at the airport in Boston - "Mama, when are you coming home? I miss you so much!" Poor boys. The text messages are really really funny (from this end):

MICAH: Wean are u comeing home?Gradma is a bain in the butt!!! Plzz anser the phone.

And last night:

Micah: Ima iv gon nuts
ME: Sorry about that
Micah: I can't think at all I literly can't think of enything. Wen are u comeing home
Me: Tuesday
Micah: A few days I can't deel with them for one second
ME: Love you:
Micah: Love us so sooooo-ooooooo-soooooo-soooo- MUCH!
Me: I love you too. Smooch!
Micah: Wen u come home I will literly hug u for an hour
Me: Ok I will look forward to that
Micah: Ok

While those texts were coming through, Sam was on the phone: "Mama, why is Grandma so crazy? She's freaking out because the 10% coupon was expired. Now she wants to return everything. And she woke Sofia up by just shaking her just so she could get her changed into a pullup."

Of course, when I do speak to my mother, she is completely unaware of how the boys feel! In fact, Thursday when I told her Micah had phoned me, she yelled at him!

So is this child abuse? I am subjecting my children to the same mental insecurity that I grew up with. It's only for a few days, and I know that some of the pleading and missing me is really because it's me, mama. But I feel so bad knowing that they are unhappy.

And at the same time, I am somewhat pleased that they will appreciate me more! Also, I pointed out to Sam that this is why I get so upset when HE freaks out. "Yeah, but I only do that some times. Grandma is 24/7!" But he is starting to understand it.

The other interesting thing is that my mother is doing exactly what her mother did, and she's unaware of that too. Grandma Sarah spoiled me rotten. I was most definitely and obviously the Favorite Grandchild. Well, my mom is like that with Sam. And granted, Sam is easy to "spoil" because he is so happy with material items. But she does so to the exclusion of Micah, who is much more difficult to please. And I feel so bad, the way I used to feel bad for my sister and my cousin when Grandma Sarah made a big deal over me in front of them.

And then there's Sofia, who is probably mostly fine, but would NOT get off the phone with me this morning. She wanted me to sing to her, and kept crying for the phone when the boys took it from her.

Tonight the boys are going with my friend D and her family to a game at the Garden, and then sleeping over D's house. She is always a VERY GOOD friend, but this is approaching sainthood. My parents took the kids (and D's daughter) to the movies and pizza yesterday - having A around certainly helped the boys stay calm. Dad took the big kids to see "The Green Hornet" and mom took Sofia to see "Tangled" again. (Oh, no school Friday for Professional Development Days at both schools. And no school Monday for MLK).

So David and I are enjoying the warmer weather, and sleeping late, and relaxing, but I'm still "mommying". We're at CityPlace now, in Palm Beach - nice outdoor mall. Ritz charges a fortune for internet access (and for everything else), so we came here for food and connectivity. But now I'm going shopping!!!